Seamless has been approved for listing on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm

The Nasdaq OMX Stockholm's listing committee has approved Seamless Distribution AB's admission to be traded on the main list. The first day of trading is estimated to be 13 June 2012.

Seamless Distribution – a leader in payment solutions using mobile phones, handling over 2.6 billion transactions annually for more than 500,000 POSs – is launching an independent smartphone app, SEQR. The SEQR platform has been approved by the credit card companies and the consumer launch will begin in Sweden in 2012. This has meant that the interest of institutional investors in the Seamless shares has risen sharply. Their investment regulations often require that they only invest in shares listed on a regulated market place. That is why the company made an application for a listing change to the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, which has now been approved by the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm's listing committee.

The first day of trading of Seamless shares, called SDAB for short, is scheduled for 13 June 2012 and the last day of trading on the NASDAQ OMX First North will thus be 12 June. The shares will be traded under the same short name as before; i.e. "SDAB". The shareholders of Seamless need not take any action regarding the list change. For further information, please refer to the prospectus which has been prepared for the list change and awaiting registration and approval by the FSA.

Evli Bank Plc has acted as financial advisor to Seamless in connection with the listing process.

For more information, please contact:
Peter Fredell, CEO Seamless Distribution AB, tel. +46 8 564 878 00,

For press material, please contact:
Sonja Marie Catani, Communication director of Seamless Distribution AB, tel. +46 767 86 88 66,

About Seamless
Seamless specialises in payment solutions for mobile phones, such as transferring money between mobile phones (Mobile Money) and cash card loading. Each year, the Seamless transaction platform, ERS 360°, processes more than 2.6 billion transactions through 525,000 POS’s throughout the world. Seamless has systems for electronic cash card loading and mTrade with more than 40 operators in 26 countries on three continents. Patents have been applied for for the Seamless SEQR solution for mobile payments in shops and online with a total of 41 different patent criteria. Seamless was established in 2001 and is traded on the Nasdaq OMX First North, short name SDAB. The company’s head office is in Stockholm and it also has offices in Mumbai, India, Lahore in Pakistan, Riga in Latvia and Accra in Ghana. More information can be found at

About SEQR
In the Seamless mobile payment solution, SEQR, consumers scan a QR code into the POS terminal, the web or the bill to approve that payment will be charged to their bank accounts. The QR code identifies the payment recipient connected to the Seamless transaction platform and consumers can pay directly from their accounts or via their credit cards. Thus the Seamless solution makes it possible for retailers to avoid the expensive charges imposed by credit card companies. The service is free of charge for consumers. See how SEQR works:

Certified Advisor: Evli Bank Plc Stockholm, telephone +46 8 407 80 00

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