Seamless SEQR mobile payment system a success for public transport in western Sweden

Seamless is responsible for Västtrafik’s new system for mobile payments which came into force on 1 February 2013. Unlike public transport companies which have selected other solutions, Västtrafik’s transition to the Seamless system has exceeded all expectations.

Malfunctioning tickets, payments that won’t go through, sites that don’t respond – these are just a few of all the complaints we’ve heard and read about over the last few days when public transport companies, due to regulatory reasons, have been forced to restructure their systems in order to accept mobile payments. But with Västtrafik, the story has been very different:

“When we procured our new mobile payment service, one of the major challenges we faced involved getting the system up and running by 1 February. With Seamless as our supplier, this work has gone smoothly and our efforts have been met with a very positive response by our customers,” says Maria Björner Brauer, Head of Sales and Marketing at Västtrafik.

Around 8% of Västtrafik’s net sales in 2012 involved text-based ticket purchases worth around SEK 200 million. The new payment system will be in force for two years, with an option for an extension of a further two years. Around 100 000 people had registered with Seamless SEQR transaction switch by last Friday, and the numbers are increasing rapidly.

“The fact that we have been able to get the new Västtrafik system for mobile payments up and running so quickly and seamlessly is clear proof of the fact that our service is meeting the needs of Swedish public transport. Thanks to our unique technology, we represent the market’s most reliable, most flexible solution,” says Peter Fredell, Group President and CEO of Seamless Distribution AB.

For further information, please contact:
Peter Fredell, CEO Seamless Distribution AB, Tel. +46 8 564 878 00,

Olivera Andersson, Communications Manager, Seamless, Tel. +46 70 660 51 96,

About Seamless
Seamless is one of the world’s leading providers of payment solutions for mobile phones, handling more than 3.1 billion transactions each year via 525,000 active sales outlets. Combined with over eleven years’ experience and a presence in 26 countries, this gives Seamless a strong position in the market for mobile payments. It is the company’s unique transaction platform that enables SEQR. Seamless is traded on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, under the SEAM ticker.

About Västtrafik
Västtrafik deals with public transport throughout all of Västra Götaland. 2 700 buses, trains, trams and boats. 22 000 stops. 390 000 kilometres travelled every day (equivalent to 9.6 times around the world) makes Västtrafik Sweden’s second-biggest public transport company. Västtrafik coordinates public transport, creates timetables and determines routes and departures. But all traffic is procured and run under contract. Around 267 million journeys were completed with Västtrafik in 2011.



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