Expert Tips on How to Write a Grievance Letter

WEDNESDAY 23rd MARCH, 2011: If you have tried discussing an issue, concern, problem or complaint at work without success, then the next step for employees is to take the formal route and this should always start with a grievance letter. Experts in Unfair Dismissal and Employment Law offer their top tips on how to write that all important grievance letter. All companies should have a grievance procedure and you have a legal right to pursue any grievances formally with your employer. In the first instance this should be done via a letter to your manager or HR Manager. Caroline Harper from Your Employment Matters comments; “Although it is no longer essential to submit a grievance letter before taking legal action against your employer, you may be penalised at an Employment Tribunal if you have not tried to resolve your complaint internally via the grievance procedure first. “It is all too easy for your emotions to cloud your judgment when writing a grievance letter, so remember to remain calm and make sure your letter reads well with proper spelling and grammar. “For a small fee you get piece of mind that the letter will read will, with all the correct terminology in place – after all, getting the tone and content right in your letter now can pay dividends down the line if you do have to go to a Tribunal.” Your Employment Matters top Tips for Writing a Grievance Letter • Write down all the facts of the situation. Make sure you have the details, including: who, what, where, when, and how. • If you have witnesses that you would like to call upon to confirm your grievance make a list of them as well, as well as their contact information. • Set out in your grievance letter what the problem is in clear to understand language. • Explaining what part of your contract has been broken. • Explain how you would like the situation to be resolved. • Be reasonable and professional in your dealings with potential employers at all times. Contact Your Employment Matters to investigate your case further. Telephone: 01604 630488 calls are charged at a local rate or visit: Notes: Caroline Harper is available for interview and comment on all aspects of unfair dismissal and employee rights. Contact Dale Lovell, Search News Media on 01753 859 588 or email: