Ofgem Review - Save Money on Energy

Why Wait for Ofgem’s Review: EnergyMonitor Save Customers Nearly £300 a Year Moneymaxim.co.uk comment on today's announcement by industry regulator Ofgem to clean up the energy market. Commenting on the review, Mark Bower, Managing Director of moneymaxim.co.uk says: “We welcome Ofgem’s announcement that it is going to clean up the energy market. Our customers constantly comment on their distaste over what they see as ‘hidden traps’ to snaring them into uncompetitive or inappropriate tariffs and now, thankfully, the regulators are starting to tackle the real issues consumers face.. “Competition needs to be improved and greater clarity developed so customers can easily compare the deal being offered to them. . Our service lets consumers do this and is already saving them hundreds of pounds each year.” Pioneering a new way of keeping the price of gas and electricity down, the EnergyMonitor service from www.moneymaxim.co.uk is saving customers nearly £300 on their annual fuel bills – over 60% more than customers relying on their own memory to check they are getting the best deal. In the past two months moneymaxim customers have saved on average £288.59 when switching gas or electricity supplier, a massive saving and an impressive £100 more compared to the average saving of £180.25 made when by consumers using another switching service with the same technology.* After registering your details for free and entering your information on a simple one-page form at the moneymaxim.co.uk website, the EnergyMonitor team regularly check your details against the tariff you are on, comparing it to others in the market before letting you know if it’s likely you can save money by switching supplier. Commenting on the results Mark Bower, Founder and Director of moneymaxim.co.uk said; “We launched an unrivalled facility last year for those wanting an impartial and independent service to keep an eye on their energy suppliers and we are pleased that we are now saving our customers a significant amount of money on their utility bills - on average our customers are saving 60% more on their energy savings than those using similar technology. “We know that our customers will save money by signing up, something that we think is significant at a time when many households are struggling to keep their fuel bills in check. If you are coming towards the end of a fixed or capped tariff we will let you know your options, but in a totally unbiased and spin free way! It really is that simple – sign-up for free in less than five minutes and we’ll let you know when we can save you money.” Moneymaxim’s EnergyMonitor customer base is growing steadily following both plaudits in the national press and recommendations from existing customers. Continues Bower; “The feedback has been exceptional - we believe our success in saving consumers money is due to a number of factors. The proactive nature of the service means few of our customers are renewing onto uncompetitive tariffs and customers are made aware of new tariffs being introduced that are better for them. We have even spotted errors by utility companies enabling customers to receive refunds on past consumption”. “Being impartial and independent means that we can ensure our customers are aware of the most competitive tariffs on the market without fear or favour, and its clear they welcome finding a pressure free ‘no sales’ approach to energy provision.” The moneymaxim EnergyMonitor Service covers the following companies: Atlantic, British Gas, EBICo, Eon, EDF, First:Utility, Marks and Spencer, NPower, OVO Energy, Sainsbury’s Energy, Scottish Hydro, Scottish Power, Southern Electricity, Spark, SWALEC, Telecom Plus and Utilita. Register your Energy details now at: http://www.moneymaxim.co.uk/free-energy-monitor-service Compare your Energy provider now to save: http://www.moneymaxim.co.uk/utilities Notes: Mark Bower is available for interview. Contact Dale Lovell on 0779 1414 681/ 01753 859 588. Email: dlovell@searchnewsmedia.co.uk * During the period 8th January 2011 to 8th March 2011 moneymaxim customers saved on average £288.59 when switching gas or electricity supplier, compared to the average of £180.25 by a similar firms customers who use the same technology.