Top Tips to Cut the Cost of Your Food Shopping

Top Tips to Cut the Cost of Your Food Shopping Weekly food shopping is more expensive than it ever has been – with the cost of keeping households from going hungry reaching new levels of expense. Showing their commitment to helping consumers save money wherever they can, one of the UK’s leading payday loans websites - Same Day Payday Loans, offers their top tips on saving money on food shopping. Commenting, Ohad Hessel from Same Day Payday Loans, said; “Family finances are stretched like never before and every penny really does count, especially when you’re on a tight budget that needs stretching more and more each month and plenty of mouths to feed. “With the cost of a weekly shop for some families costing more than double what it was a year ago, saving money on the weekly food shopping is a top priority for many households. We’ve put together some great tips anyone looking to cut the cost of their weekly food shop should follow.” Follow these fast money saving tips to cut the cost of your food shopping now: • Love your Leftovers: Leftovers are a great way of saving food and money as they can be used to create your very own ready meals. For example, that left over rice could be turned into a lunch-box salad or if you buy a bigger joint of meat for that Sunday roast, the leftovers can be used for a tasty meal the next day or sandwiches for a lunch snack, saving you cash on having to think about buying a Monday night meal. • Scan your cupboards: Check your cupboards and fridges before even thinking about doing a weekly shop. Check what you have and plan meals so you don’t double up on what you’ve already got. Last thing you want is to discover you’ve already got 3 cans of beans but then forgotten the milk. • Control those Carbs: Rice, pasta, bread and potatoes are mealtime staples, but more often than not we over serve them – and most are usually left on the plate and end up straight in the bin. It’s simple really, serve less, spend less and you may even lose weight, too. • Grow Your Own: The cost of fresh fruit and vegetables have increased considerably over the last year. If you have a garden you could create your own vegetable patch and become more self sufficient. • Own Brands: Do you really need to buy a particular brand of product like beans or washing powder? Supermarket own brands can be a lot cheaper and offer very little difference in quality. Try some own brand products for yourself to see if you can make savings. But if these money saving tips seem a little too extreme, a Same Day payday Loan could help instead. Visit: now for more information. Notes: Press Release Distributed by Search News Media. For more information email: or call 01753 859 588