Travel Money Cards Can Cut the Cost of Family Travel During Half Term

London: 23rd February, 2011: As figures highlight what half term holidaymakers will be forced to pay in extra premiums when it comes to going away, the UK’s leading price comparison website for prepaid credit cards, offers their top tips on getting the most of your half term travel money. As parents of school age children will no doubt of heard already, the cost of going on holiday this week, over the half term to popular resorts could cost families as much as 269 per cent more than if you travelled two weeks later, according to research from Santander Credit Cards. But for those who are going away over half term, follow these tips to make your money go further. Raffick Marday from Compareprepaid explains; “Anyone going on holiday this half term should get a travel money card if they want to save money on currency and charges while away. “Travel money cards are normally better than travel cash as you typically get better exchange rates from prepaid travel money cards compared to most foreign exchange bureaus, plus you do not have to pay traditional foreign charges associated with using credit and debit cards abroad either such as withdrawal fees and purchasing fees. “There are great new cards on the market that are easy to buy and top-up, leaving you in complete control of exactly how much you are spending, too, so you don’t have to face any nasty credit card surprises on your bill when you come home.” recommends the FairFX Currency Card, which is currently free to customers – offering a saving of £9.95. A range of travel money cards are available at: stresses the need for British holidaymakers to shop around for the best foreign money deals before travelling this autumn. Highlights Five Ways Travel Money Cards offer the Best Option for Travellers: 1. Better Exchange Rates Prepaid travel money cards typically offer better exchange rates. As many normal cards add a three percent cost to the exchange rate banks get, travel money card providers tend to not add this extra charge. 2. No Purchase Charges Unlike most credit and debit cards if you purchase the right travel money card you will not be charged for individual purchases while abroad. 3. Security A travel money card can reduce the amount of cash you have to carry on your person at any one time. All your holiday spending money can be transferred onto the card and the card used to purchase items minimising the need to carry an excessive amount of cash. Also, the money you add onto the card is safe, held in segregated accounts and most cards are credited by risk-averse Building Societies, not banks. 4. No Withdrawal Fees A travel money card does not typically incur charges for use abroad – typically around 3% of each withdrawal - if you use the card to withdraw cash. Some cards do charge though so be sure to shop around for the best deal for your specific needs. 5. Budgeting It is all too easy to use a debit or credit card abroad and lose track of what you are spending. If you have a specific budget planned before you depart, a prepaid travel card enables you to transfer holiday money onto your card so you know you will only spend the amount on the card and not go over that amount. You can also get a prepaid card without having to worry about a bad credit history. Notes: Raffick Marday is available for interview. Contact Dale Lovell on 01753 859 588 or email: for more information.