Visiting the London Olympics? Consider a Prepaid Credit Card

Visiting the London Olympics? Consider a Prepaid Credit Card • Sponsors Visa the only payment card type to be available at London Olympics 2012 • MasterCard, American Express and Solo Customers urged to take out prepaid cards Tuesday 15th February, 2011: With the London Olympics taking place next year many sports fans will already be thinking about buying tickets for events, but anyone not equipped with a Visa Card could find themselves disappointed and unable to book tickets online, reveals As one of the official sponsors of the Olympics, Visa are the only cards that are acceptable for ticket purchases as well as for use at Olympic venues when events are taking place. Any type of Visa card, debit, credit and prepaid cards can be used to purchase tickets. For those with MasterCard or American Express credit cards, who cannot buy tickets online for Olympic events, a good solution could be opting instead for a prepaid credit card. Raffick Marday from the UK’s leading comparison website for prepaid cards, explains; “MasterCard and American Express customers looking to buy tickets for Olympic events next year will do well to choose a Visa supported prepaid credit card to buy tickets and to spend at Olympic events next year. “Applying for and receiving a prepaid credit card is far easier than making an application for a credit card. Many customers already with MasterCard or Amex credit cards will not want the hassle or commitment of having two or more credit cards, something that anyone with a bad credit rating should take note of as owning more than one credit card can damage your credit rating “With credit card companies only approving applications to consumers that have good credit ratings, prepaid cards could be the best option.” “There are a number of excellent Visa prepaid credit card deals available, such as the Virgin pay as you go Visa card, which costs just £9.95 to buy and offers two tariffs.” Tickets for all Olympic Events are available from March 15th which can be paid for by a Visa Card Notes: Raffick Marday is available for interview. Please contact Dale Lovell on 01753 859 588 or email: to arrange an interview. Compare Prepaid is the leading comparison site which provides information, reviews and news on prepaid cards, credit cards and bank accounts available in the UK. Visit: for more information.