Improved patient monitoring is rewarded - Senzimes subsidiary company MD Biomedical “The Year's Spin-Off Company” of the Umeå Gala

Uppsala, November 5, 2015. Senzimes (publ) subsidiary MD Biomedical AB became the year's spin-off company of the Umeå Gala. To win the award, a company must have its basis in research/education at Umeå University, SLU or industrial research in Umeå. The company should have a strong business growth and clear mission. Umeå Gala is an annually event attracting over eight hundred participants from across the region.

MD Biomedical AB originates from Umeå University where Pernilla Abrahamsson, during her postgraduate studies, discovered the possibility of measuring metabolic changes from the surface of an organ instead of penetrating the organ with a needle. MD Biomedical AB has developed and patented OnZurf Probe suited for measurements on the surface of various organs. The discovery means less risk of complications and thus expands the use of microdialysis technique.

The idea came by chance when Pernilla Abrahamsson placed a conventional probe inside the heart muscle. Accidentally the probe slipped out of the heart and ended up on the surface without a difference in the readings and so the idea was born to develop a "milder" probe that could be placed on the surface instead of being inserted into the organ.

"Onzurf Probe can improve the quality of life for seriously ill patients while reducing the number of long hospital stays and become a cost effective solution for the county councils. To receive the award as a spin-off is a great honor and recognition prior the challenging and exciting commercialization phase ", says Pernilla Abrahamsson, product and business development manager at Senzime AB.

For further information, please contact:
Lena Söderström, CEO of Senzime AB
Tel: +46 708-16 39 12, email:

Pernilla Abrahamsson, product and business development manager Senzime AB
Tel: +46 70-37 37 472, e-post:

About Senzime

Senzime develops and markets analytical instruments and related disposable products, enabling automated, continuous monitoring of vital substances including glucose (sugar), in biological fluids. Senzime has two platforms for continuously monitoring glucose and lactate – BioSenz in biotech environment and CliniSenz for continuous patient-monitoring. Via microdialysis in tissue or blood Senzime offers a complete system enabling continuous monitoring which is critical to detect post- surgery complications. The company's share is listed on Aktietorget since 2008.

About OnZurf

OnZurf, a new generation of microdialysis catheters that allow for organ specific monitoring of, for example, bowel, liver and heart after surgery. Microdialysis is a technology that was originally developed at the Karolinska Institute in the 1970’s and is today validated in over 15,000 scientific studies.

About Us

Senzime develops unique patient-oriented monitoring systems that make it possible to assess patients' biochemical and physiological processes before, during and after surgery. The portfolio of technologies includes bedside systems that enable automated and continuous monitoring of life-critical substances such as glucose and lactate in both blood and tissues, as well as systems to monitor patients’ neuromuscular function perioperatively and in the intensive care medicine setting. The solutions are designed to ensure maximum patient benefit, reduce complications associated with surgery and anesthesia, and decrease health care costs. Senzime operates in growing markets that in Europe and the United States are valued in excess of SEK 10 billion. The company's shares are listed on Nasdaq First North (ticker SEZI). FNCA is Certified Adviser for Senzime.


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