Sifo Group secures European position in Internet measurements

Sifo Group secures European position in Internet measurements Sifo Group is expanding its commitment in the area of Internet measurements by becoming co-owner of MMXI Europe. At the same time, Sifo Group is transferring its Nordic platform for measuring Internet use to MMXI. Media Metrix, a U.S.-based world leader in Internet measurement services, is listed on the Nasdaq exchange in New York. Its RelevantKnowledge measurement method provides a range of demographic data on a web site's visitors. This information is important to both the owner of the site and advertisers. Through its Sifo Research & Consulting Division, Sifo Group launched the method in Sweden and since 1997 has held the license for RelevantKnowledge in the Nordic region with an option to develop it in Russia, Poland and the Baltic States. In parallel, Sifo has developed NETcheck, a system for measuring the number of visits to a specific web site. As part of the transaction, Sifo is transferring its shares in the subsidiary Sifo Interactive Media, with the RelevantKnowledge license and NETcheck, to MMXI. The company's organization will serve as the base for the further launch of MMXI Europe in the Nordic region. Sifo Interactive Media had revenue of approximately SEK 12 million during 1999, with a scheduled loss of approxi-mately SEK -12 million during the same period. The transaction expands Sifo Group's commitment in Internet measurements. Sifo Group will hold an 8-percent interest in MMXI Europe, whose other co- owners are Media Metrix of the U.S. and the two multinational market research firms IPSOS of France and Germany's GfK. Sifo Group is also receiving 52,000 shares in Media Metrix and SEK 43 million in cash as payment for its subsidiary. The transaction provides Sifo Group with a capital gain of SEK 46 million. Sifo Group is also taking a position on the Board of MMXI Europe. "Among large multinational customers, there is a growing demand for Internet measurements that are international in scope," says Robert Kessiakoff, Head of the Sifo Research & Consulting Division. "This transaction gives us a European position in the market for measuring Internet habits as well as a very attractive global partner when we sell our own services in the Nordic region." "The transaction with Sifo Group is an element in our strategy to ally ourselves with the leading market research firms in the markets where we operate," says Tod Johnson, Chairman of Media Metrix. "The countries Media Metrix today is active in account for over 70 percent of worldwide Internet users, representing over 80 percent of worldwide usage. In addition to Sweden, our services cover the U.S., the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Japan and Australia." Facts about Sifo Group Sifo Group, which is listed on the OM Stockholm Exchange's O-list, has three divisions: Observer Media Intelligence, which works with media monitoring and market intelligence; Sifo Research & Consulting, which conducts surveys and related consulting operations, and SMG Consulting, which is active in management and strategic consulting. On a moving 12- month basis Sifo Group has revenue of approximately SEK 1,350 million and employs around 1,700 people. Operations are carried out in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Baltic States, Germany and the UK. The Sifo Research & Consulting division, with 350 employees, is the market leader in Sweden and a major player in Scandinavia in the area of surveys and consulting services. Sifo Research & Consulting conducts its operations through the business areas Management of Intangible Assets, Brand Management, RISC Nordic, Media, and Opinions & Society. For further information, please contact: Robert Lundberg, Chief Executive Officer of Sifo Group AB, phone +46-8-625 15 43, e-mail Robert Kessiakoff, Head of the Sifo Research & Consulting Division, phone +46-8-701 69 90, e-mail Per Blixt, Chief Communications Officer of Sifo Group AB, phone +46-70-549 28 08, e-mail This press release is also accessible online at ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: