New Solution Drives Manufacturers’ Success with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Sikich’s Master Process Accelerator Improves Technology Implementations

NAPERVILLE, Ill. ― March 18, 2013 ― The deployment of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and technology platform is a critical task for manufacturers. To ensure manufacturing organizations realize the full potential of powerful ERP capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics AX, a popular solution for this industry, professionals can utilize the Master Process Accelerator (MPATM), a new solution developed by Sikich LLP, a leading accounting, advisory, investment banking, technology and managed services firm.

MPA is recommended for manufacturing companies looking to optimize their Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations while minimizing their investment for internal resources and consulting costs. The solution provides manufacturers with a complete set of business process management tools that can reduce implementation time and costs, ensure compliance, assist with business process reengineering and produce high-quality results. In addition, the business process modeling application supports growth and meets business needs—two essential features addressing the unique challenges facing the manufacturing industry.

“Companies that map out their business processes effectively are more apt to have a successful software implementation than companies that do not put the dedicated time and effort into it,” said Larry Cohn, partner of vertical solutions at Sikich. “We developed process maps using tools that directly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX screens and parameter configuration.”

In conjunction with the entire suite of process maps for manufacturing companies, MPA provides an out-of-the-box pre-configuration of Microsoft Dynamics AX, utilizing best practices that mirror the business process models. The practices are built off of Sikich’s 20 years of experience providing equipment manufacturers with successful ERP implementations.

“Having these tools enables us to accelerate the implementation process. We are able to focus immediately on business processes that link directly with the AX parameter settings,” continued Cohn. “This enables us to move through the implementation much quicker. The tool will allow manufacturing companies to more successfully implement Microsoft Dynamics AX at a significant savings—both in dollars, time and resources.”

The specific, substantial advantages users will find in MPA include:

  • Reduction of project timeline by weeks, or even months
  • Savings of up to 20 percent on project budget
  • Direct focus on process improvements rather than software settings
  • Increased confidence that end goals will be achieved
  • Assurance that best industry practices are driving business operations

For more information on MPA, or how it can be used for an upcoming Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation, visit the MPA page on the Sikich website or contact


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