Azea launches 2013 behavioural safety training campaign for construction and utilities sectors

Azea Ltd announced the launch of a new campaign to promote their safety training programmes

Behavioural safety training and accident reduction specialists Azea Ltd announced the launch of a new campaign to promote their safety training programmes aimed at improving workplace safety and reducing workplace accidents in the construction and utilities sectors throughout 2013.

The campaign called ‘ create your ‘Safety Bubble’ in 2013’ will focus on delivering messages to organisations in the construction and utilities sectors, to enable them to achieve long term positive change within 12 months.

The Azea programme produces positive outputs which allows employees to

  • Understand the programme (knowledge dispels fear)
  • Work together in harmony (creating a common goal drives performance)
  • Aim for objectives within the programme (motivates through setting achievable goals)
  • Adhere to something that they believe in (if they understand and believe in it they will accept it)

Azea offers a variety of structured programmes to fit all companies’ budgets and timeframes. The Safety Bubble campaign has been designed so that it can fit into any company’s productivity cycle.

Bruce Durham, Azea Director of Training said:

“When one person is inspired to safeguard their own working area (anything within arm’s reach) they create their own Safety Bubble. When everyone is inspired to do this, all these safe working areas come together to form a large Safety Bubble. This protects the individuals, teams, contracts and the company as a whole”.

He went on to say:

“To keep this Safety Bubble effective all actions are preceded by this simple question: ‘Will it pop my bubble?’ - If the action is unsafe and could pop yours or anyone else’s Safety Bubble then you simply don’t do it.  It’s very easy to understand and everybody gets it. That’s why our clients are so successful at reducing accident rates, improving culture and retaining highly skilled employees. It’s not what we deliver that’s important. It’s how your employees act after we work with them that matters”.

The Azea ( Aiming for Zero Employee Accidents ) Solution enables companies to achieve safety and financial targets in a controlled, highly efficient and rapid way. Azea have taken a ground breaking approach to enhancing human behaviours, their training programmes are consistently reducing accident rates by improving cultures and attitudes often in a very short time frame.

Behavioural training programmes from Azea enable participants to leave with IOSH accredited Safety Coach and Safety Champion qualifications as well as skills to keep them highly motivated

and to ensure that they are operating in a safer manner once the training is complete. Working with Azea enables companies to create long term safety bubbles that protect people, plant, buildings and the environment, their expertise ensure both staff and the public are safe whilst work is carried out.

About Azea Limited

Azea is the market leader for providing behavioural safety training and accident reduction solutions to the construction, oil and gas, nuclear and utility industries.  Results include higher productivity, pride in the company, staff retention, and lower accident rates.  Azea enables companies to improve productivity by creating an enthusiastic and positive culture of safety through the empowerment of employees.  This empowerment leads to an effective safety culture being embedded in the DNA of the business.

Azea offers company-transforming experiences that make a real and measurable positive impact on organisations and the daily lives of employees.

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The Azea (Aiming for Zero Employee Accidents) Solution enables companies to achieve safety and financial targets.
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When one person is inspired to safeguard their own working area (anything within arm’s reach) they create their own Safety Bubble.
Bruce Durham