Energy management white paper on independent measurement and verification

Drumbeat Energy Management  publish a white paper on independent measurement & verification.

The outsourced energy management business support service Drumbeat Energy Management has published a white paper on independent measurement & verification. The white paper is called ‘IPMVP and improving energy-efficiency: The importance of independent measurement & verification’.

The Energy Management White Paper, the third in the Drumbeat series highlights best practice in the evaluation of energy efficiency measures and projects by the application of IPMVP – the Independent Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol - a vital and cost effective safeguard for businesses/organisations in the manufacturing, industrial, commercial, service, hospitality, retail and public sectors.

The output of an IPMVP-led process is a series of periodic savings figures showing how much less energy has been used than would have been if the energy efficiency technology or project had not been implemented. Getting to this information with accuracy and confidence requires an analytical process with a strong degree of specialism. The IPMVP specialists are accredited Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP).

Drumbeat Energy’s Managing Director, Graham Mills explains why independent measurement & verification so important:

“Effective energy management adds to the bottom line, but companies need be sure that the promised energy reductions and savings will actually be delivered when procuring energy reduction products and services. They need to know what criteria they should be using, what they should measure, how and when. They also need to know who will prepare the data and that they can be sure of its validity. In Drumbeat’s view, early involvement by an independent third party measurement and verification (M&V) specialist, safeguards the interests of the client.”

Download the FULL White Paper on Measurement & Verification here

Drumbeat Energy Management aims to transform the way that businesses and other organisations manage their energy consumption. It offers them a simple and effective approach to all aspects of managing energy in buildings. Drumbeat approach takes its clients through a simple 3 stage process on an energy management journey:

Energy Management Stage 1 - Primary Energy Assessment

Energy Management Stage 2 - The Energy Management System

Energy Management Stage 3 - Achieving in-house Proficiency

The cost-efficient energy management support service helps UK businesses to better manage their energy in-house.

Notes to Editors:

About Drumbeat Energy

Drumbeat Energy helps organisations to become proficient and self-sufficient in the art of energy management. Drumbeat’s Energy Managers will work with your team to install a best-practice energy management system and provide energy management training. Drumbeat’s integrated energy management support is a stronger, lower risk solution than diverting your own untrained resources.  Drumbeat follows a route map of three key stages of your energy management journey, transforming your organisation from one with the ambitions to manage energy, to one which is proficient and self-sufficient in-house.

Drumbeat is all about excellence in energy management. We provide sensible, practical energy management support and solutions.

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Drumbeat Energy Management has published a white paper on independent measurement & verification.
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Effective energy management adds to the bottom line, but companies need be sure that the promised energy reductions and savings will be delivered.
Graham Mills