Waste Management Infographic – The Fourth Utility

GPT Waste launch an Infographic to highlight the opportunities for waste.

GPT Waste, the largest UK independent provider of waste management solutions and sustainable waste services has launched an Infographic to highlight the opportunities for waste to be recognised as ‘The Fourth Utility’ and a revenue stream.

GPT - ‘The Waste Solution’ works closely with suppliers and clients to reduce, re-use, recycle or recover waste, which in turn ensures diversion from landfill. Through co-operation and education, GPT apply the ‘waste hierarchy’ in a practical approach to client sites.

The company has launched an Infographic which simplifies waste collection and recycling processes. It demonstrates the journey for waste from collection, through the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) illustrating how revenue opportunities can be achieved by commoditising recycled materials. Click here to download the Infographic.

Tony Mottram, Commercial Director at GPT Waste said:

“Waste is becoming the fourth utility; landfill disposal isn’t necessary or fashionable. Organisations are segregating waste on site which is then being managed through facilities such as MRFs. It’s worth noting that there is a battle for tonnage to provide feedstock for non-landfill disposal routes. Yet manufacturers are still disposing of by-products and secondary products as traditional waste streams, which could be valuable commodities to other manufacturing organisations.”

He went on to say:

“We work with clients to help reduce and manage waste efficiently in turn diverting waste from Landfill. Our approach is to identify more efficient ways of managing existing waste streams and to simplify the process. The next step is to then identify the most sustainable route of recovery or disposal. It is a simple approach but all ‘waste’ has a direct or indirect value to the organisation creating it or the one involved in its disposal, the challenge is to recognise this.”

GPT Waste provides a fully compliant waste service for all waste, whether its trade, commercial, confidential, hazardous, healthcare and construction waste. Covering the UK with their database of approved national and regional service providers; GPT Waste can deliver the waste solution for any organisation to achieve:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduce waste produced
  • Financial savings
  • Improved recycling
  • Reduced carbon emission’s

GPT Waste is urging clients to consider the following questions when looking at the organisation’s Waste Management Strategy:

1.            What is the true cost of your waste?

2.            How can you prevent any of this waste?

3.            Is there a robust process in place to divert waste from costly landfill disposal?

4.            How can you or your waste contractor(s) help you to elevate your waste on the waste hierarchy scale?

GPT Waste offers a basic Waste Review Service free of charge. Find out how they can help your business deal more effectively with your waste: Call 0844 854 5000 or email here.



About GPT Waste

GPT Waste, the largest UK independent provider of waste management solutions and sustainable waste services.  They continually demonstrate operational efficiency as well as financial savings via their innovative approach to waste management systems and routes to processes.

GPT Key Statistics:

Over 410,000 consignments of waste managed each yearOver 34,000 waste movements managed each month, the UK produce over 400 million tonnes of waste annuallyUK waste output is growing at over 3% per annumLegislation now dictates that companies should be more responsible for their wasteCompliant with over 1300 pieces of environmental legislationYour company can be fined for improper waste managementCompany waste can be turned into a resource if disposed of correctly

GPT System for Waste Handling

Review – the clients waste service and requirementsRecommend – the most operational, financial and environmentally effective solution.Implement – the service, working with the employees to increase their understanding of waste.Innovation – identify new technologies for processing waste to reduce cost and landfill.Recycle – by utilising the most effect route to process by extracting all recyclate from waste streams.Report– provide clients with transparent reporting.

GPT Waste Contact Details

14 Whitworth Court
Manor Farm Road
Manor Park

Tel: 0844 854 5000

Fax: 01928 571 335
Email: info@gptwaste.com


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GPT Waste launch an Infographic to highlight the opportunities for waste.
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Waste is becoming the fourth utility; landfill disposal isn’t necessary or fashionable
Tony Mottram, Commercial Director