University of Alabama to install SinterCast technology for project funded by the US Department of Energy


  * US Department of Energy material optimization project awarded to
  * Development of high strength Compacted Graphite Iron for heavy-duty engines
  * SinterCast Mini-System 3000 installation planned for summer 2013

[Birmingham  and Stockholm,  19 April 2013] -  Following an  announcement by the
Obama  administration on 22 March 2012 providing USD 14.2 million in new funding
to  develop lightweight  materials for  advanced vehicles,  the US Department of
Energy  has awarded USD  3.5 million to Caterpillar  Inc. for the development of
high  strength cast alloys for  heavy-duty high performance engine applications.
 As  part of  the three  year project,  Caterpillar will  work together with the
University  of  Alabama  at  Birmingham  (UAB)  to  investigate  and develop new
Compacted  Graphite Iron  (CGI) alloys.   In addition,  UAB has  entered into an
agreement  with SinterCast for the installation of a Mini-System 3000 at the UAB
Department  of Material Science & Engineering laboratories.  The installation is
planned  for the summer of 2013.  SinterCast will also provide in-kind technical
support throughout the duration of the project.  The objective of the project is
to  develop cost-effective high-strength  cast materials that  can enable future
increases  in specific  power density  (horsepower/weight) and increased thermal
efficiency in heavy-duty diesel engines.

"This  project reinforces the need for continuous advances in engine performance
and  efficiency, and the need for advanced materials to support these objectives
while  ensuring durability  and emissions  compliance.  These  demands - and the
opportunities  for CGI growth - are particularly applicable in heavy-duty engine
applications, defined by this project as the 10-17 litre displacement range, for
engines  with more than 350 horsepower" said Dr Steve Dawson, President & CEO of
SinterCast.  "Building on our successful experience with Compacted Graphite Iron
in  commercial  vehicle  engine  applications,  we  look  forward to this unique
opportunity to explore leap-frog material advances."

 Dr Steve Dawson

 President & CEO

 Tel:    +46 8 660 7750


With  more than 11,000 undergraduate and 6,000 graduate students, the University
of  Alabama at Birmingham is an internationally renowned research university and
medical  center.  UAB offers  a full range  of academic programs, including 137
different  degree programs and  is the largest,  single-site employer in Alabama
with  an annual economic impact in excess  of USD 5 billion. The metals group at
UAB  has 20+ years'  experience in  performing casting-related  research in cast
iron funded by industry, DOE, and DOD.  Through these research projects, UAB has
developed  techniques for  characterization and  laboratory production  of gray,
ductile  and CG  iron.  UAB  maintains two  casting labs  including a 2000 and a
9600 square  foot lab.  Iron melting equipment includes a 175 KW power supply, a
500 lb.  iron capacity hydraulic  tilt box furnace,  and a 100 lb. iron capacity
hydraulic tilt box furnace.  Microstructural characterization equipment includes
optical and stereo microscopes with digital cameras for direct image acquisition
and   image  processing  software.   Additional  capabilities  include  scanning
electron  microscopy (SEM),  casting simulation  software, and casting modeling.
The  group  is  currently  active  in  a  variety  of  projects  related  to the
engineering   and   science  of  metal  solidification.  For  more  information:

SinterCast is the world's leading supplier of process control technology for the
reliable  high volume production of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI). With at least
75% higher  tensile strength, 45% higher stiffness  and approximately double the
fatigue strength of conventional grey cast iron and aluminium, CGI allows engine
designers  to improve  performance, fuel  economy and  durability while reducing
engine  weight, noise and  emissions. The SinterCast  technology is used for the
production  of more than 50 CGI components,  ranging from 2 kg to 17 tonnes, all
using  the same proven process control technology.  The end-users of SinterCast-
CGI  components include  Aston Martin,  Audi, Cameron  Compression, Caterpillar,
Chrysler,   DAF  Trucks,  Ford,  Ford-Otosan,  General  Electric  Transportation
Systems,  General Motors, Hyundai,  Jaguar, Jeep, Kia,  Lancia, Land Rover, MAN,
Navistar,  Porsche, PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Renault, Rolls-Royce Power Engineering,
Scania, Toyota, VM Motori, Volkswagen, Volvo and Waukesha Engine. The SinterCast
share  is  quoted  on  the  Small  Cap  segment of the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange
(Stockholmsbörsen: SINT). For more information:


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