Valentine Survey Reveals Odd Things Men Wear During Sex

Survey reveals bizarre clothes worn during lovemaking

Gentlemen around Britain have opened up about what they wear during sex in a survey carried out on behalf of sock subscription service 

While many said they wore nothing at all, others admitted they like the comfort of going to bed with their socks on, an act which has provoked female outrage since time immemorial. 

Others admitted to wearing a football shirt, fancy dress, underwear (their own or their partner's), and in one case, a Prince Harry face mask. 

"We're not surprised," said Mark Hall, Gentleman Creation Officer at, "people just don't seem to understand the powerful attraction and - let's face it - the essential comfort of the humble sock." 

"As part of our research, we found no end of women's lifestyle articles on the web complaining about men wearing socks to bed, but they just don't understand how the male mind works." 

"One item even complained about men being 'too lazy' to take their socks off, asking 'What else might he be too lazy to do?'. We say the last thing he wants on a cold February night is to get cold feet. Socks complete the Valentine's Day experience, and are too crucial to be forgotten. 

"The Prince Harry face mask still freaks us out, though." 

Among the sensible and not-so-sensible answers to the Socked poll were: 

- Nothing

- Socks

- Football shirt

- Prefer not to say

- Hat

- Glasses

- Fully clothed

- Dressing-up costume

- Underwear

- Partner's underwear

- Prince Harry face mask 

"The figures are clear to see," said Hall, "and they send one message to the gentlewomen of Britain. 

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Send your loved one the gift of a sock subscription from this Valentine's Day. They look great with or without clothes and will keep both you and your partner happy all year round."



For further information contact Mark Hall on 07841 779892, or   is a black sock subscription service for discerning gentleman; based in the UK they provide high quality socks for men that are delivered monthly, every three or six months. also gives free etiquette and style tips to gentlemen. 

The service appeals to time-poor men, and for people who want to buy that stylish gift that keeps giving. 

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