Actress Laura San Giacomo Opens Up About Son With Cerebral Palsy

During a recent interview to promote her new Lifetime movie Tall Hot Blonde, actress Laura San Giacomo opened up about what she has learned about birth injuries from raising her 16-year-old son Mason, who was born with cerebral palsy.

Giacamo admitted that she did not initially have a positive outlook after giving birth to Mason.

“There’s so much negativity around [disability]. Perhaps a really difficult birth, a really difficult childhood trauma, an extremely difficult diagnosis and there’s a lot of mourning that goes on and a lot of fear, she said, according to Celebrity Baby Scoop. “And trying to adjust your mind around what you thought your parenting was going to be to what it’s now going to be.

However, she soon realized that the stereotypes surrounding cerebral palsy were not much more than dated ideas that had been long since antiquated.

“The first thing that someone told me is, ‘Well he’ll never play basketball.’ And there he was five years later playing basketball, she said. “So it’s all old, really old projection. It’s all from an old school where kids were institutionalized. As near as the ’70s kids were not going home with their parents.”

She added that her son also benefitted from attending a fully-inclusive school that she helped form more than a decade ago.

“It’s been a very successful elementary school and middle school. We started with 70 kids, now it’s over 700,” she said. ”And it has reached really good scores as well as been adopted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was given to him by his wife for his 60th birthday to be his flagship school, and it’s doing really well.”

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