Fastener Issue Prompts Chrysler Recall of Over 370,000 Vehicles

Chrysler recalled 370,297 SUVs and trucks worldwide due to an issue with a fastener in the rear axle that reportedly caused 15 accidents.

Reuters reports that the recall affects:

• Ram 1500 pickup trucks manufactured from 2009 to 2012

• Chrysler Aspen 2009 models

• Dodge Durango 2009 models

• Dodge Dakota trucks manufactured from 2009 to 2011

The news service says the recall involves 278,222 SUVS and trucks in the U.S., 23,767 in Mexico, 63,321 in Canada, and 4,987 elsewhere.

According to Chrysler, a fastener in the rear axle of the recalled vehicles may slacken over time and could eventually fail, locking the axle and resulting in a crash. Although 15 accidents have occurred, there were no injuries, says Chrysler.

Vehicle owners will be notified by Chrysler and will have a retainer installed free of charge to fix the problem, reports Reuters.

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