Hyundai and Kia Lawsuits Consolidated by JPML

A string of class actions that accuse Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America Inc. of exaggerating fuel economy claims for certain vehicles have been consolidated into a new MDL (multidistrict litigation), according to a recent transfer order issued by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML).

The 12 putative class actions were pending in federal courts in Alabama, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Ohio. The litigation will now be transferred to the Central District of California and assigned to U.S. District Judge George H. Wu. Wu has presided over a similar case for over a year.

According to the JPML panel, the Hyundai and Kia lawsuits all share factual questions about the defendants’ alleged false or misleading advertising regarding the mileage estimates for certain vehicles.

Since both Hyundai and Kia share a common corporate parent, an appeal for a separate MDL in the cases against Kia was denied. Further, several actions are brought against both Hyundai and Kia.

The panel also noted that since the miles-per-gallon testing errors allegedly occurred at the same facility in Korea, the announcement about the procedural errors in the mileage estimates and the launch of the related mileage reimbursement programs were made for both the defendants.

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