Man Dying of Mesothelioma Files Suit

When Tony Cock was  diagnosed  with  mesothelioma cancer  in July 2012, he learned he had only three to six months to live. Now, the Cornwall, England man is seeking justice from his former employer, as a recent  story  on the Local World regional Web site notes.

Cock believes it was his work as an industrial  painter  that  exposed  him to the  asbestos  that caused his painful and terminal  cancer . The 59-year-old Cock was diagnosed with  mesothelioma  after he contracted pneumonia and had two pints of fluid drained from his lung. That lung operation led to a  biopsy  that found the rare cancer.

Cock, like his father and grandfather before him, spent years painting asbestos  lagging  on heating pipes for telecommunications company Cable and Wireless, based in Porthcurno, England. An effective  insulator , asbestos was widely used for applications that required fireproofing, durability, and insulation.

He blames his illness specifically on the asbestos dust that fell from the pipes. "We would decorate the ceilings and paint the heating pipes, dusting the pipes off with a brush. They were usually thick with dust,” he remembers.

Currently, he’s working with solicitors who are investigating the claim. A Cable and Wireless representative declined to comment on this specific case, but noted the firm takes “matters of health and safety very seriously.”

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