Old Homes Were Built Entirely with Asbestos?

Asbestos materials were once used in a wide variety of building products because of their ability to effectively mitigate fire danger while also insulating and being relatively inexpensive. However, today we know that while asbestos has these qualities, it is also an extraordinarily dangerous material, and is the primary cause of many deadly diseases such as mesothelioma.

While these health concerns have lead to a decreased usage of asbestos products in construction projects here in the United States, in the past it was actually possible to build an entire structure using asbestos products almost exclusively.

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Old advertisements - such as this one for Hardie’s Australian Made Fibrolite Asbestos Cement Sheets and Slates – touted asbestos products that could be used for all aspects of home construction: exterior and interior walls, ceilings and roofing. They could have easily added insulation, plumbing, wiring and even paint among other products to that list.

As a result of asbestos’ common use in construction products and materials, those who worked in that industry were more likely to come in contact with asbestos fibers in their raw form and are at a higher risk of asbestos related diseases.

While we are lucky to now live in a world that has an advanced understanding of the real harm asbestos products can pose to those who come in contact with them, many people were not armed with this knowledge throughout much of the 19th and 20th centuries. In fact, asbestos continues to be used widely even today in many foreign countries despite the knowledge of its toxic effects.

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Call us at 888-360-4215 to speak with a mesothelioma paralegal
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