Starbreeze IndieLabs first publishing title Antisphere released – out now on STEAM

Stockholm, Sweden (July 14th, 2017) - Starbreeze together with Lion Game Lion and Soap Interactive, today released Antisphere, a futuristic top-down competitive arena battle twin stick shooter game, on the digital distribution platform Steam. Antisphere is the first game coming from Starbreeze IndieLabs publishing label and features two player head-to-head high octane arena battle ship mayhem for PC. The game will soon be available on consoles.

Antisphere focuses on competitive play with a challenging rank system. If your skills are up to par, you can contend for the highest rank - ACE. The game offers high customization options on a wide variety of features such as choice of weapons and color of the ship.

"The whole team is excited to release Antisphere and get it into the community's hands. We can't wait to jump in and play a few matches with everyone" said - Zlatko Krček, CEO of Soap interactive  

In a collaboration with OVERKILL’s hugely successful four player co-op bank robbing game PAYDAY 2, buyers of Antisphere additionally gets six Antisphere themed masks to utilize while heisting. 

Antisphere is now released on Steam priced at 11.99 EUR and will soon be available for Playstation® 4 and Xbox One: 

Visit Antisphere’s website for more information and videos: 


Download the latest press assets for Antisphere here:

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