Stena Line is awarded for its ‘Digitalisation efforts’

At this year's Gala CIO Awards 2017 Sweden, Stena Line was selected as one of the winners and received the award ‘Digital project of the Year’ for its AI venture.

Sebastian Nabrink, Ludvig Gee, Jessica Andersson, Erik Osmund, Amer Mohammed, Hampus Hallman

Stena Line was nominated for its aspiration to become the world's first cognitive ferry company and that the company has embraced its digital statement -  ‘The company will be fully assisted by AI in 2021’.

"We started our digitilisation and transformation journey two years ago and it is a central part of our strategy that will take us into the future and increase our competitiveness. It's all about working with automation in our ports and digital experiences onboard and the exciting possibilities that AI and machine learning brings”, says Jari Virtanen, Chief Transformation Officer at Stena Line.

The award was presented at a Gala evening on December 18 at Berns Salonger in Stockholm. Amer Mohammed, Head of Digital Innovations, Stena Line, was at the Gala event and received the award together with his team.

"We are very honoured to have received this award, and it is confirmation that we are on the right track," he says.

Here is the jury's motivation:

"The future is approaching faster and faster - what was science fiction yesterday is a strategic reality today. The Digital Project of the Year is a leading example of the fact that the latest technology can be a leverage that transforms everything from processes to business. A wholehearted venture on AI, chat bots and smart algorithms is the foundation of the digital transformation, which will take the ferry company to the next level. This year's Digital Project is Stena Line's AI initiative."

Stena Line,

19 December 2017

For more information please contact Jesper Waltersson, Press & Media Relations Manager Stena Line, +46 704 85 85 32.

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