Summer Soles® Helps Feet Beat the Heat...for Under $10!

Summer Soles® Launches New “Softness of Suede” Stay-Dry Sandal Liners in Vibrant, Summer-licious Prints

Frisco, Texas Just in time for a sudden rise in temperature, Summer Soles® launches 5 vibrant and colorful additions to its collection of “Softness of Suede” insoles, which will allow fashion forward women to keep their immaculately pedicured feet feeling dry and comfortable during the hot, humid summer months, for just a few dollars.

“In summer, all feet sweat, even if you’re wearing thongs, sandals, or open toed shoes, and just about everyone starts to feel uncomfortably sticky and wishing they could soak their feet in a nice cool refreshing bath,” states Shannon McLinden, inventor and founder of the Summer Soles® brand of insoles which help women avoid the dreaded “shoe squish” by effectively absorbing perspiration. “These gorgeous and brightly patterned prints keep feet dry for under $10.00, which is a very small price to pay for instant relief and comfort. Plus, what’s great about these liners is that they are very thin, easy to use, and removable – just peel the backing and stick them onto thongs, sandals, and even onto shoe beds of very high heels. They don't add any “bulk” to the shoe. They are designed to be cut to fit the shape of various shoes.”

McLinden developed these products not so much for cushion, but specifically to put a blissful end to the slippery and moist discomfort caused by leather and synthetic-soled footwear. “According to The International Hyperhidrosis Society, plantar hyperhidrosis (a.k.a. the ‘sweaty feet’ condition), makes up part of nearly 8 million people, or 3% of the U.S. population, suffering from excessive perspiration,” she states. “With these insoles, women choosing fashion over pure comfort can slip into their towering 4- or 5-inch stilettos without any fear of the slip and slide effect. Better yet, they can remain chic and fashionable, and don’t have to wear flip flops on a hot day.”

The 5 new “Softness of Suede” prints include: Vintage, Links, Dragonfly, Flower, and City (retail $8 for 1 pair, or 3 pairs for $7 ea).*  These “Softness of Suede” insoles are made of 100% polyester micro suede fibers for the look and feel of real suede. Like all Summer Soles® products, these new printed insoles absorb foot perspiration and leave feet healthier and fresher by inhibiting bacterial growth and reducing odor. They are also easy to replace: “simply peel off, toss, and insert a new color, print or fabric,” explains McLinden.

The new Summer Soles® Softness of Suede” insoles are available online at, at various boutiques in the U.S. and Canada, and via toll-free number at 888-773-9626. Summer Soles™ also offers Ultra Absorbent insoles in a variety of solid colors, which use a non-woven fabric that absorbs even more moisture. For more information about Summer Soles®, call 888-773-9626.


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