Real Estate: When Is The Best Time To Sell Your House?

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What a great question! You see a lot of homes for sale but you have to wonder sometimes if the sellers have actually thought about when the best time to sell is. The problem is, there doesn’t seem to be an easy answer to this question – a lot of opinions, yes, but answers? Hmm…

Look At Homes For Sale In Winter? Are You Kidding!

A lot people seem to think that the two worst seasons to sell are spring and winter. Why? Well, when it comes to homes for sale, you’ll agree that one the main selling points is appearance, right? In winter, your house is simply not going to look as good as it does in summer. Okay, you say, but why spring? When everything’s blooming, the sun’s shining and so on, your home for sale is going to look pretty good, isn’t it? Maybe, but what about the slush, the wet and that general air of we’re-recovering-from-winter-don’t-want-to-think-about-buying-a-house feeling.

So Forget About Homes For Sale In Spring & Winter, Correct?

Not so fast! There’s another school of thought that says that spring, for example, is the best time of year to sell! The weather has turned warm; people have just got their tax refunds and have money to spend. Also, closing a sale can take weeks, so if you start the sale in spring, by early summer the deal will be through. Now that makes sense, doesn’t it? But homes for sale in winter? The people who say that the house won’t look good or it’s too cold and no one will come to view it, are right, aren’t they? Not always. Consider that you’ve probably prepared your house for holiday entertaining, so chances are it’s looking pretty good. Also, people looking at homes for sale in winter will probably want a quick deal for tax purposes. Lastly, what about climate conditions? For example, in states like California and Texas, people will house-hunt all year round. And a warm winter could encourage more buyers to come out in colder climates.

My Home’s For Sale So What Do I Do?

Take other factors into consideration, like property values in your neighbourhood. How are the other homes for sale doing? Are values increasing? What about the state of the market in general? If houses are selling quickly and at good prices, it might be a good time to sell, regardless of season. Also take into account your personal circumstances. Selling your home involves a lot of work and time investment. If it’s a stressful time for you in other areas of your life and you don’t necessarily need to sell, it might be a good idea to wait until things calm down.

Check Out Other Homes For Sale In Your Area

Perhaps rather than basing your decision on one or two factors, try taking the whole picture into consideration. If the market is doing well, your property value is increasing and it’s turning out to be a pretty mild winter or nice spring – sell!

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