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Emotional intelligence (EQ) is splashed across the headlines every day!

EQ captures our ability to understand and manage our emotions, as well as our capacity for connecting with other people. 

From uncontrollable laughing fits; a star's genuine humility; tears of joy to tears of sadness; outbursts of anger and of courage - 2011 was another great year filled with moments of strong emotion that exemplified emotional intelligence (or the lack of it)!

And, the bright minds behind TalentSmart, the nation's leading provider of emotional intelligence products and consulting services and creators of national bestseller, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, have narrowed down this year’s events into the top ten most memorable displays of EQ. Some are shining examples of emotional intelligence in action, while others illustrate how quickly trouble can find those who lack EQ!

Check out the Top 10 EQ Moments here:

Jennifer Hewitt


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TalentSmart is the nation's leading provider of emotional intelligence services and products available in 25 languages, found throughout 150 countries. TalentSmart offers blended training solutions through online assessments, e-learning and goal-tracking for employees at all levels; serving 75% of the Fortune 500, all three branches of government including the US Senate, nonprofits, and education industries using their proprietary methodology for driving behavior change.



Quick facts

Dr. Travis Bradberry has studied more than ½ million people to reveal that only 36% of us are accurately able to identify our emotions as they happen. Combine that with the fact that we experience up to 27 different emotions in any waking hour, and that can add up to a lot of little challenges to make the most of by the end of every day!
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Just 29% of people are effective in handling stress and conflict.
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83% of people have difficulty holding their anger back, even when they know it will not help the situation.
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EQ explains 58% of job performance, and 90% of top performers are high in EQ.
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A one point increase in EQ adds more than $1,300 to an annual salary
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