How the construction of Västlänken affects the quality of air and water

- TalkPool is in the consortium led by the City of Gothenburg that invests in digital monitoring of the environment

Digital transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT) is of high priority in the City of Gothenburg. With partial funding from the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova, the city initiates the project LoV-IoT (air and water with IoT) in Gothenburg. The project will be using IoT to develop monitoring and visualization of air and water pollution during the construction work of Västlänken (the west link in Gothenburg].

The City of Gothenburg has been selected by the strategic innovation program “IoT Sweden” as one of eight "hubs" in Sweden, to become a leader in the use of "IoT for innovative society development". The program is a multi-year national initiative by Vinnova, the Department of Energy and Formas, where the hubs can seek resources to solve societal challenges with the help of IoT.

In the granted application, the City of Gothenburg writes - In order for Gothenburg City to be profiled long-term against the monitoring of air and water quality and ensuring competence in IoT, we'll create a cluster of experts from companies and research institutes. The IoT companies TalkPool and Vinnter, represented locally in Gothenburg, will develop how the IoT can be commercialized and used by businesses in the city. Research institutes IVL, ACREO and TII will contribute with expertise within IoT, environmental analysis, digitalization, sensor development, user interaction and communication.

Environmental monitoring is a very exciting area of IoT, says Stefan Lindgren, technical manager at TalkPool. By placing several simple sensors and combing information from different sources, we can trace contaminants and measure that actions have the intended effect.

Construction of Västlänken is a unique test arena that has great national and international audience. With the test arena, the city shows how to work with environmental issues and provides partners a platform for the development of their technical solutions and services within IoT for environmental monitoring. In the long term, government, industry and city residents will have access to a map-based information platform for environmental monitoring

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