Talkpool and Shell perform IoT radio test on oil platform

Talkpool has performed an IoT radio test on a floating oil platform (Offshore Support Vessel) outside the Norwegian coast, together with Shell and Teekay Petrojarl.

The goal of the project was to compare different IoT radio technologies to see which fits best in challenging radio conditions. The first type of connectivity under consideration was a meshed network based on wirelessHART-technology and the second type of connectivity that was tested was a LoRa network. 

The test was performed successfully and showed the long range and radio penetration effectiveness of LoRa technology in this case. A single LoRa gateway, integrated with radiating cables, was able to provide coverage on the entire 214x38 meter floating oil platform, 10 stories high, steel construction with many enclosed compartments. The testing showed Shell the benefit of using Talkpool’s IoT sensor connectivity technology in the challenging radio environment on their oil platforms.   

The application of IoT solutions has a huge business potential. The total economic impact is estimated to be between $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion per year in 2025. The value of this impact, including consumer surplus, would be approximately 11% of the world economy in 2025. The greatest value of IoT lies within the use of smart sensors that allow management for optimization and prediction (McKinsey Global Institute analysis). Oil platforms are one of the many industrial applications of IoT solutions. Most oil platforms are already filled with roughly 30’000 sensors, but there is still a lot of room for improvement: “Less than 1 percent of the oil platform data being gathered is used, largely because most of the data were never transferred from the rig"(McKinsey Global Institute analysis). Smart IoT solutions greatly improve this situation as they allow for direct digital control of the data. To get optimal value out of IoT applications it is crucial we improve our IoT data collection methods to truly capture and connect all collected data, so the data can be used for preventive trend monitoring of complex industries such as oil platforms. 

 Talkpool has developed an industrial-grade IoT technology for business-critical operations (read more here: that now has been launched. Data collection has always been very important in industries, but in many cases it is hampered by inefficient, costly and outdated management solutions. Talkpool’s new technology though allows for efficient data collection and analysis with solutions for gas metering, pipe temperature measuring, vibration sensing or pressure measuring on oil platforms. 

Erik Strömstedt, CEO Talkpool
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Talkpool provides IoT solutions and telecommunication network services globally. Through its cutting-edge technical expertise, long experience and agile business model, Talkpool offers global telecom vendors and operators high-quality services on short notice no matter the location. Moreover, Talkpool is one of few companies with actual solutions and contracts in place in the exciting IoT-market. FNCA Sweden AB is Talkpool’s Certified Advisor.




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