JAN 1 – MARCH 31, 2016

  • Net sales amounted to EUR 2 456 thousand (2 234), a 9 percent increase
  • EBITDA of 84 thousand (36) and EBITDA margin of 3.4 percent (1.6)
  • EBIT of EUR 61 thousand (17) and EBIT margin 2.5 percent (0.8)
  • Profit after tax of to EUR 3 thousand (-95)
  • Cash flow from operating activities amounted to EUR 20 thousand (-188)


  • On February 19, 2016 TalkPool announced its plans for an IPO on Nasdaq First North
  • A new joint venture was established in Mauritius as preparation for fibre projects
  • TalkPool conducted a successful IoT ski school tracker trial in Laax, Switzerland

TalkPool entered the first quarter (Q1) of 2016 with a significant order book in both the Network Services and IoT business areas. Q1 is considered sluggish as new budgets are yet to be allocated. The planned projects for Q1 in Germany, Mexico, Haiti and Africa were delayed in comparison to the original time plans of our customers. As a consequence of this, some of the expected revenue was allocated in Q2. Nonetheless, we managed to secure a revenue growth of 9 percent in comparison to Q1 in 2015. Moreover a new Joint Venture was prepared in Mauritius in order to provide telecom network implementation and operation services to Huawei.
Our IoT Business Unit developed as planned during Q1. Our IoT efforts are now increasingly focusing on IoT ecosystem enablement. The TalkPool IoT team is expanding its unique LPWAN experience towards total solutions and sensors. We are now enabling IoT for smart buildings and cities, harbors and many verticals connecting machines that previously were considered economically unfeasible.
During the beginning of 2016, the company invested a vast amount of energy, time and resources in preparation for the IPO.
Our global operational units have continued to focus upon service delivery and customer care. In spite of the project delays and the additional costs, TalkPool achieved a consolidated Group EBIT of EUR 61 thousand in Q1 2016, which represents a strong improvement in comparison to Q1 2015.
We entered Q2 with our order books still full and the delayed projects from Q1 in Haiti and Germany launched in April and May. Huawei Mauritius provided it’s first significant purchase order to TalkPool Mauritius in April and service deliveries started well in May.
In May TalkPool also announced a partnership with Tele2 in the area of IoT. TalkPool will be responsible for the IoT network deployment and design of M2M/IoT solutions. This, combined with Tele2’s world class M2M/IoT leadership, will bring forward innovative and unmatched solutions which will give the companies in Gothenburg a forefront position in the upcoming era of digitalization.
On the 24th of May TalkPool made a successful listing on Nasdaq First North. The Offering attracted a strong interest among investors and was tenfold oversubscribed, amounting to a total of SEK 100 million. The successful listing enables us to cease the opportunities for business and acquisitions in the IoT and Network Services Markets, ensuring growth in accordance to our goals.
The selection process for acquisition candidates is showing good progress. Hence, TalkPool continues on the planned growth path with network services as our solid foundation for organic growth, topped by the emerging IoT business and JV partnering in strategic markets and service areas.
Erik Strömstedt, CEO

For further information, please visit or contact:
Erik Strömstedt, CEO, tel: +41 81 250 20 20

Talkpool in brief
TalkPool is an independent specialist designing, implementing and maintaining mobile and fixed line telecom networks as well as networks and product solutions for the growing Internet of Things (IoT) market. TalkPool currently has operations in close to 15 countries on three continents with around 220 employees. The Group has been self-financed since the start in 2000 and had a turnover of EUR 10.4 million in 2015, representing an average annual growth of 20 percent since start. The Group’s order book for 2016 and 2017 is EUR 9.3 million, out of which EUR 0.5 million relates to orders in the IoT-segment.