Beating the Apprentices - Lucy's Tap Sock!

A recent task saw Alan Sugar’s current batch of apprentices fail a task after a dodgy bath toy design secured no sales, but a Harrogate entrepreneur has proved that they could have been winners if they had followed their market research!

One of the teams on The Apprentice had decided to create a bath safety product, initially deciding on a ‘tap cosy’ before the project manager changed her mind and focused on a splash shield – a decision she came to regret when no products were sold to the major retailers that were approached to supply the product.

However, their original idea has already proved a successful invention for Lucy Dale from Harrogate, who designed and launched a tap cover called Tap Sock last year. The safety product, aimed at parents and the elderly, uses a flexible silicone shield to provide protection against knocks and burns.

“Their initial market research showed a gap in the market for a product that reduced the risk of burns or scalding in the bath, but the project manager chose to go with gut instinct rather than facts and figures to develop their product – a flawed decision,” says Lucy. “Their research showed the demand for a product like this, which we are already ‘tapping’ into and, in fact, our products sales have risen since the programme aired as people search for a similar device!”

Lucy has successfully launched the product via its own website,, and is now looking for additional retailers to take on the product.

The Tap Sock costs just £4.95 plus £1.95 p&p, available from


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