Gateway For Cancer Research wants you to Demand a Cure Today

Pompano Beach, FL (May 9, 2012) Everyone is talking about being a part of the 99% these days, so how about being a part of the 99% that can help change and save lives? The Gateway for Cancer Research℠, a non-profit organization that funds innovative cancer research is doing just that. By making sure that 99 cents from EVERY DOLLAR donated ends up in the hands of the doctors, the scientists, the research studies, all of the people who are fighting to make the end of cancer part of our future.

Chances are every person alive knows someone who has struggled with Cancer, because the true-to-life statistics are that 1 out of every 2 men and 1 out of every 3 women will get Cancer in their lifetime. Some will fight and survive, and some won’t. The Gateway for Cancer ResearchSMworks tirelessly to improve and save the lives of patients battling cancer now by funding promising clinical trials with cutting-edge approaches that can lead to treatment innovations and non-toxic complementary and alternative therapies.

$28 is all it takes to fund one day of clinical research. You may think “How can my one day of funding make any difference?” The fact is that one day will be THE day that the breakthrough is made and millions of lives will be saved. All it takes is that one moment, that ONE day.

The Gateway for Cancer Research℠ has initiated its Fund-A-Day Calendar program where you can choose a day – or multiple days -- to help fund to find a cure. Will it be on your day? Anything is possible.

With 99% of all donations going directly to the research and clinical trials needed The Gateway for Cancer Research℠ is 100% focused on achieving results that help people fighting cancer today with the hopes that tomorrow will be one step closer to a cure.

“The Balancing Act” on Lifetime is thrilled to be partnered with The Gateway for Cancer Research℠ in this fight, and is committed to being a part of the 99% who will make a difference. The Gateway for Cancer Research℠ is a part of the “Balance Your Life” Road Tour in cooperation with “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime to help spread the word.

Non-Profit organizations like The Gateway For Cancer Research℠ spend their money on finding cures and making patients lives better, instead of advertising and marketing. “The Balancing Act” is using all the resources we have to help spread the word for this incredible organization.

Join us, be a part of the 99%. Fund a day. It’s all in our power to make sure Cancer is not a part of our future but a part of our past once and for all.

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About The Gateway For Cancer Research℠

The Gateway for Cancer Research is unique among cancer charities in that 99 cents of every dollar goes directly to cancer research thanks to generous underwriting by Cancer Treatment Centers of America®. The Gateway funds promising treatment innovations that aim to improve and save the lives of people battling cancer today, not decades from now

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