A man's best friend: English Bulldog voted ‘manliest dog’ on the planet

Bulldog edges out the Rottweiler to take the coveted titled of world’s manliest dog

Male owners of an English Bulldog are celebrating today after a new survey by leading men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge revealed the iconic breed is the world’s manliest dog.

The English Bulldog picked up a fifth of the public vote (20%), with the Rottweiler second on 18% and the German Shepard third on 12%.

At the other end of the ‘manliness dog scale’, the Chihuahua (37%) was named the least manly dog on the planet, followed by the Poodle (19%) and the Pug (9%).

Nick Gibbens, spokesperson for The Bluebeards Revenge, said: “A dog is considered to be a man’s best friend so it seemed like a match made in heaven.”

“The English Bulldog is certainly what you would describe as a ‘real man’s dog’ and is a deserving winner of the title ‘world’s manliest dog’.
“Our brand is marketed as the world’s manliest grooming range as it’s designed for men with tough stubble. We would like to think that we stand for everything that is masculine in today’s society, which was why we set out to crown planet Earth’s most manly dog.”

Other dogs in the “manly” top 12 included the Great Dane, Rhodesian Ridgeback and Irish Setter. Meanwhile, the Maltese, Dachshund and the Shih Tzu all finished in the feminine top 10.

The English Bulldog, also known as 'Bulldog' or 'British Bulldog', is a very well built and stocky breed for its size. They are well known for their wrinkles on their face.
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Manliest Dogs
1.) English Bulldog 192 (20%)
2.) Rottweiler 171 (18%)
3.) German Shepherd 120 (12%)
4.) Great Dane 92 (9%)
5.) Irish Setter 83 (8%)
6.) Rhodesian Ridgeback 81 (8%)
7.) English Mastiff 57 (6%)
8.) Doberman Pinscher 48 (5%)
9.) Black Labrador 47 (5%)
10.) Husky 36 (4%)
11.) English Sheepdog 24 (2%)
12.) Bloodhound 21 (2%)

Least Manliest Dogs
1.) Chihuahua 356 (37%)
2.) Poodle 192 (19%)
3.) Pug 84 (9%)
4.) Papillon 84 (9%)
5.) Shih Tzu 72 (7%)
6.) Maltese 48 (5%)
7.) Chinese Crested 36 (4%)
8.) Cocker Spaniel 36 (4%)
9.) Dachshund 24 (2%)
10.) King Charles Spaniel 21 (2%)
11.) Corgi 12 (1%)
12.) Jack Russell 7 (1%)

The Bluebeards Revenge surveyed 972 people in the UK via email during the first two weeks of February 2011.

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