Cervical Screening Awareness Week (6 – 12  June 2011) WHAT ALL WOMEN NEED TO KNOW…

June 6th -12th is Cervical Screening Awareness Week and currently, despite the ’Jade Goody effect’,  20% of women still fail to attend cervical screening when invited.  Almost all cases of cervical cancer can be prevented; screening is estimated to save up to 5,000 lives in the UK each year and yet attendance is falling.  What’s going wrong?

With your help we can make a good start on breaking down the embarrassment factor and getting more women going for screening.

Attached to this email:

  • Cervical Screening Awareness Week – press release
  • A lot can be done to prevent cervical cancer – hints and tips
  • Cervical Cancer facts and figures
  • Five celebrity women speak out about the ‘smear test’.
  • Case study story (please call for alternative case studies)

We also have a Q&A in the pipeline for young women approaching their first screening which addresses all those seemingly silly questions that they may be afraid to ask.  Please let me know if this would be of interest.

Please also contact us for expert comments/interviews, case study stories, further info or photos.

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