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March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and Lorraine Kelly has a personal message for all women in the UK

“Help Me Raise £150,000 for The Eve Appeal” - Lorraine Kelly


“Join the 75,000 women who have already taken part in the Make Time for Tea campaign and raised vital funds and awareness for gynaecological cancers.”

I have been a proud supporter of The Eve Appeal for six years.  I first came on-board in 2005, when the charity launched its first ever Make Time for TEA campaign in March, to coincide with Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.  The Make Time for Tea campaign was designed to get women together, hold a tea party and send the money raised to The Eve Appeal. What better way to donate to a very worthwhile cause and have fun with your girlfriends at the same time! 

The Eve Appeal is a charity that is very close to my heart because it does fantastic work to raise funds for groundbreaking research into ovarian cancer and helps build awareness of the disease to all women of all ages and lifestyles.  Unfortunately, awareness of gynaecological cancers is still pretty low in the UK.   More funds are needed if The Eve Appeal is to achieve its vision where fewer women are diagnosed and more women survive gynaecological cancers.

So, I am delighted to say I am still very much involved in the Make Time for Tea campaign and really look forward to helping the charity make 2011 its best year yet.   But I need the help of the female population across the nation if Make Time for Tea is to reach this year’s £150,000 target.

I know we can do it and £150,000 is easily achievable.  It’s based on approximately 500 people raising about £300 per party.  To put that into context, there are over 26 million households in the UK.   If one in every 52,000 households hosts a party and manages to raise £300, The Eve Appeal has reached its target.  That’s achievable, don’t you think?

So, what do you need to do to get involved?   Follow these three easy steps:

Step 1:  Request your free Make Time for Tea fundraising pack.  It is really that simple!  Either: log onto eveappeal.org.uk/make-time-for-tea; email tea@eveappeal.org.uk or; call T: 020 7299 4430 to request your pack.  You will also enter an overall competition to join me for tea at a smart London hotel.

Step 2:  Plan your Make Time for Tea party.  In your fundraising pack, you will get lots of fun ideas and inspiration, along with tickets, posters, balloons etc to help your party along.  Invite your friends, work colleagues, family and neighbours and have some fun while helping this fantastic cause.. 

Step 3:  Put the kettle on!

If, like me, you decide to hold a Make Time for Tea event to raise funds – be it in your home, your office or your local gym - you are in good company.  Over the last five years, 75,000 women have taken part in 1,500 Tea Parties in the UK and 250,000 women have bought pin badges, key rings and charms that all positively impact the donation pot.   This is a truly fantastic achievement and one that I am proud to have been involved in.

But I want to help The Eve Appeal exceed on this for 2011.   So please sign up to this wonderful cause, get the kettle on and help to make a difference.

Thank you for your time,


Liz Engel, Press Office
The Eve Appeal
Direct: 020 8663 1040
Mobile: 07812 150832
Switchboard: 020 7299 4430





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