Welcome to ocam.org.uk, the central ovarian cancer charity information portal.

All four national ovarian cancer charities are working together for the first time during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (March 2012) to build awareness of signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Target Ovarian Cancer, The Eve Appeal, Ovarian Cancer Action and Ovacome have come together to provide a collaborative web-based resource to ensure consistency and uniformity in the information provided.

Ovarian cancer is the fourth most common cause of cancer death amongstUKwomen with over 4,400 deaths per year, yet awareness of the signs and symptoms is worryingly low amongst both women and GPs.

UKsurvival rates are among the lowest inEurope. We know that early diagnosis is key to improving survival and if theUKcould match the best European survival rates we could save up to 500 women every year.

As charities we have different objectives and expertise, but share a common goal of promoting a greater understanding of the disease, and in particular its signs and symptoms. By our working together on this website, we hope you will also recognise the importance of greater awareness.

In April 2011, NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) published important guidance for GPs and other primary care professionals on the recognition and initial management of ovarian cancer, so never has there been a better time for us to co-operate on messaging.

Susan Taylor, an ovarian cancer survivor, takes comfort in the joint initiative, “As a woman who has had ovarian cancer, it gives me confidence to see these charities working together with a cohesive message.   When you have ovarian cancer yourself you need everyone to be consistent and to be headed in the same direction.”

Professor Sir Mike Richards, National Clinical Director for Cancer and more commonly known as the ‘cancer tsar’ is fully behind the co-operation.

Says Professor Richards, “I would like to congratulate the four charities involved on their combined efforts in providing a cohesive central portal of information on the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Driving early diagnosis for all cancers is a key part of our strategy for improving survival rates in theUK. Symptom awareness is part of this. These individual charities play increasingly important but different roles in raising awareness, informing and supporting women with this disease, and funding vital research, and I welcome this unique collaboration.”

Letitia Featherstone, a supporter who has had ovarian cancer is keen to raise awareness and comments “As someone who has had ovarian cancer and both supports and is supported by two of the charities involved I am delighted to see them all working together on this really important issue. There is much to be done to improve awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms amongst women and GPs and by coming together the chances of succeeding are greater. I feel very privileged to be involved as part of such a positive voice for women and their families.”

The results of the collaboration can be found at ocam.org.uk .

Yours sincerely

Annwen Jones, Target Ovarian Cancer

Robert Marsh, The Eve Appeal

Gilde Witte, Ovarian Cancer Action

Louise Bayne, Ovacome

Liz Engel, Press Office
The Eve Appeal
S/B 020 7299 4430
Mob: 07812 150832

The Eve Appeal was set up to fund groundbreaking research into all gynaecological cancers at the Gynaecological Cancer Research Centre, UCL.

Our vision is a world where more women survive and fewer women are diagnosed with gynaecological cancers.



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