The 2012 All Energy Conference in Aberdeen, Scotland is introducing a new module entitled Smart Energy on May 23 & 24, 2012.

On Day 2 of the Smart Energy module, Ash Gupta, Managing Partner of The Gupta Partnership who specialize in advising leading low carbon technology OEMs and some of the world’s largest utilities on Sustainable & Market Disruptive Technologies will deliver a seminar that identifies two largely invisible low hanging carbon quick wins and unlocking their smart secrets. Detailed real life examples will be shown with ROI pay-back data. Details of the Smart Energy Seminar can be found at:-


A Focus on Two Invisible Low Hanging Carbon quick wins - Unlocking their smart secrets
Ash Gupta, Managing Partner - The Gupta Partnership

Key learnings/ topics covered:

1 Light & Water hold the secrets to immediate   & affordable solutions for reducing carbon and energy costs
2 If you switched US highway lighting to LED you   could close 43 Coal powered power stations
3 Every water delivery system in the world that   contains differential water pressure has the potential to generate useable   amounts of electricity

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