Vikings learn new language to fundraise for #CampaignCanute

The Vikings of JORVIK Viking Centre are learning a new language as part of their fundraising for #CampaignCanute – swapping old Norse for txtspk (text speak) to encourage donations.

Alongside established text abbreviations like lol (laugh out loud), idk (I don't know) and MumsNet favourite aibu (am I being unreasonable?), Vikings will be encouraging some traditional Norse phrases to be added to text speak vocabulary:

  • bob (by Odin’s beard – an alternative to For Fenrick’s Sake)
  • wwtd (what would Thor do)
  • lmbo (laughing my beard off)
  • tfif (thank Freya it’s Friday)
  • dbd (darkest before dawn – meaning things can only get better)
  • fotbl (fall off the boat laughing)
  • btskc (best thing since King Canute)
  • cmtlj (chasing my tail like Jormungandr – meaning working hard but getting nowhere)
  • bdsb (barking dogs seldom bite – meaning someone is all talk and no action)
  • plir (party like it’s Ragnarok)

The idea has come about to encourage people to pick up their mobile phones to donate to #CampaignCanute, the fundraising initiative to help re-imagine JORVIK Viking Centre following last December’s flooding.  Indeed, those donating by mobile phone could even be one of the animatronic models that will feature in the attraction when it re-opens next Spring.

“Until the end of September, anyone who donates by text will be entered into Loki’s Lottery, and one lucky winner will have their face – or the face of someone they nominate – recreated as a Viking character on one of our new animatronics,” comments Sarah Maltby, director of attractions for JORVIK’s owners, York Archaeological Trust.  “We’ve had a Matt Baker model in JORVIK since 2001, so this is a unique opportunity to be part of the JORVIK story for the next generation of visitors.”

To enter the draw and donate £5 to #CampaignCanute, donors simply text VIKING to 70660.  Further prizes will also be available from October onwards.

“We’re hoping that the most-used text speak abbreviation over the coming months is tyfyd – thank you for your donation!” adds Sarah.  “Of course, anyone who wants a guarantee that their face will feature on a Viking can simply sponsor one of the animatronics for £50,000!”

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