Finish In 4-10 Simple Steps to Graduating College in 4 Years!

Dallas, Texas, Sept. 25, 2012 – According to the U.S Department of Education “Approximately 57 percent of first-time students who sought a bachelor's degree or its equivalent and enrolled at a 4-year institution full time in fall 2002 completed a bachelor's degree or its equivalent at that institution within 6 years”.    Therefore in the U.S, increased college attendance has NOT translated into increased graduation rates.  Many students either don’t graduate or spend, on average, six years completing the necessary requirements to obtain a degree. 

According to remarks by The President on Higher Education and The Economy at The University of Texas at Austin August 09, 2010, “a high school diploma is not going to be enough.  Folks need a college degree. They need workforce training.  They need a higher education”.   

The phenomenon of a college degree being “necessary” is problematic because, unlike in our nation’s past, a higher education is now an indispensable part of attaining upper mobility and financial stability.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

FINISH IN 4: 10 STEPS TO GRADUATING COLLEGE IN 4 YEARS addresses the problem of stagnant graduation rates by offering today’s college student a “10 Step” thought process that enables them to achieve the goal of graduating college ON TIME.  It serves as a huge “HEADS UP” and assists them in properly planning for an academically successful college experience.  This timely and valuable book contains advice that is simple, direct, and written for the students!  It addresses the questions that parents may not be equipped to answer and that university faculty may not have the time to address.  After working at various universities with at risk students, the author uses his experience to address the issues that affect college graduation rates.  This book is a must have for all students in their freshman year of college or senior year in high school, as well as for parents and faculty.

Publisher: The Muckraker Media Corp.

Author: Miguel A. Gonzalez III

Category: Non-fiction/Higher Education

Publication Date: August 2012

Price: $9.95

ISBN: 978-0-9851695-1-0

Format: Trade Paperback Original

Page Count: 64

Size: 5 x 8


About the author:

Miguel Gonzalez is a higher education professional having held leadership positions in Student Recruitment, Student Retention, and Veteran Affairs.  Miguel’s extensive background has made him the perfect person to write such a necessary book. With less than 50% of American college students finishing college within 6 years, the odds are against students graduating in four years, or at all.  Finish In 4 is a culmination of his insights into the higher education system and what all students can do to navigate that system.  Whether a student is in their freshman year of college or senior year in high school, this book is a must have.  He has developed guidance that is simple, direct, and written for the student!

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