Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie Voted Sweetest and Spiciest Celeb Moms in Mother’s Day Survey

Mothers are generally regarded as sweet, but most have a spicier side, too. Good Earth® Tea, maker of the unique “Original Sweet & Spicy” herbal tea blend, set out to find out all about sweet and spicy moms through their first ever Sweet & Spicy Mother’s Day survey.  The results? Sandra Bullock was the clear choice for “Sweetest Celebrity Mom,” with more than 33% of the vote. The title of “Spiciest Celebrity Mom” was a tight race, with Angelina Jolie nabbing 22.3% of the vote over Sophia Vergara (21.9%) and Joan Rivers (21.4%)!

The survey didn’t just focus on celebrity moms. Respondents were asked whether their own mothers were sweet or spicy, with nearly 40% answering that their moms were both, and another 40% saying their mother was just plain sweet. When asked what the sweetest thing their mother could do for them would be, an overwhelming 61.1% want mom to cook their favorite dinner, preferring to connect more over a meal than through less-personal favors like doing laundry or running errands.

What’s the spiciest thing mom has ever done? The majority (56.9%) of respondents said they didn’t even want to know. More than 29% did say that mom had yelled at a boss or teacher in their defense. (It’s not surprising that protecting her kids can bring out a mom’s spicier side.)

“Good Earth’s Sweet & Spicy Tea is the best of both worlds, a naturally sweet, soothing flavor, but with an unexpected kick from its blend that includes cinnamon among its secret spices,” said Anna Corini, Marketing Executive, Good Earth. “Mothers want to be nurturing caretakers but they also have a bold, fun side that we wanted to explore and celebrate this Mother’s Day.”

Other contenders for “Sweetest Celebrity Mom” included Reese Witherspoon (27.3%), Jennifer Garner (23.8%), Meredith Vieira (9.7%) and Alyssa Milano (5.7%).  For “Spiciest Celebrity Mom,” Pink garnered 17.9% of votes, while Jennifer Lopez had 16.5%.  The survey was conducted over a four-day period in April 2012 via a survey link on the Good Earth Facebook page.

Good Earth Tea offers a tea adventure like no other, combining rich flavors from around the world into aromatic blends such as Sweet & Spicy, Green Tea Lemongrass, and Superfruit White Tea with Mangosteen and Mango. For more information about Good Earth, visit their website, become a fan on Facebook, or tweet @GoodEarthTea.

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