Teemu Selänne and Panda Licorice: "The Perfect Finnish Team"

Panda Licorice is happy to congratulate their friend and Anaheim Ducks player Teemu Selänne who has recently shown he knows a thing or two about staying in shape for the long run.  Playing in his record high 1,300thgame on Tuesday, January 10th, he has made history as the 2ndFinnish born player to do so.  So how does he do it? With great work out habits and snacks that keep him fueled.

Panda Licorice sat down with Selänne, who shared some of his best tips for staying in shape. From trying different types of sports to alternating between raspberry, cherry, black, and blueberry flavors of Panda Licorice, “The Finnish Flash” stresses the importance of variety when training. 

“Each sport helps to strengthen different muscles in your body that you may not use regularly,” says Selänne, “When you do this, you get to really know your body and what you are capable of. You should always listen to your body when you train and always have fun. That’s important.”

Selänne has been a fan of all-natural Panda Licorice since he can remember. It’s the perfect piece of home for him and anybody who believes in staying healthy. “There is no fat, no preservatives, and the flavors are wonderful. It also helps that it’s from Finland,” Selänne jokes, “But seriously, this is my thing.”

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Based in Finland, Panda has a long tradition of licorice know-how since it began delighting customers with the sweet in 1927. Since its debut in the U.S. in 1977, Panda still ranks as the first all natural licorice and one of the top selling confectionery products in the natural food industry. Its success within the natural food industry has helped Panda Licorice expand its presence into other retail outlets. Panda All Natural Licorice is distributed by InterNatural Foods, LLC and World Finer Foods. To check availability at a store near you, visit www.internaturalfoods.com or www.worldfiner.com. More information is also available at www.pandalicorice.com. Become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PandaLicoriceUSA. Follow us on Twitter @PandaLicoriceUS.



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