The S3 Agency Launches Campaign for Turtle Back Zoo, Emphasizes Global Nature, with “The World In Your Backyard”

Campaign Spans Print, Digital, Mobile, Social, and Outdoor 

(May 6, 2015: Boonton, NJ): This month, The S3 Agency launched the 2015 advertising campaign for New Jersey’s #1 Zoo, Turtle Back Zoo. Having worked with Turtle Back Zoo for nearly a decade, S3 focused their newest campaign – “The World in Your Backyard” – on the international educational experience available at the AZA-accredited facility right in West Orange, NJ.

      Bringing awareness to this top Garden State destination for both local residents and visitors, S3 created a multi-platform campaign that includes print, digital, mobile, social, and out-of-home. Executions highlight the homelands of different exotic animals, such as the white-cheeked gibbon, with headlines like “From Asia to Your Backyard.” Each ad resolves with the agency-created tagline, “The World in Your Backyard,” emphasizing the truly global nature of Turtle Back Zoo.

      The campaign encourages membership in the Zoological Society of New Jersey, the 501c3 that supports Turtle Back Zoo. This worthwhile membership represents an affordable option with many benefits for those who wish to discover the beauty of the animal world on a regular basis.

      “‘The World in Your Backyard’ campaign shows that this is no ordinary zoo,” said Brint Spencer, Director, Turtle Back Zoo. “At our 20-acre facility, we have more than 1,200 animals hailing from places most of us will never see firsthand. Turtle Back Zoo is extremely active in international conservation efforts, helping to boost the strength of endangered species of the animal kingdom. With frequent educational events about the animals and the environment, we help visitors learn more about the world they live in – and how they can help protect it for future generations, both human and animal. S3 has really captured all of that in our new campaign.”

      “Working with Turtle Back Zoo is a labor of love at The S3 Agency,” said Denise Blasevick, CEO, The S3 Agency. “We enjoy putting the same talents used for our national and international clients to work for this worthwhile local organization that brings such joy to our state. Already one of the top tourist destinations in NJ, it is our hope that ‘The World in Your Backyard’ will break through so even more animal lovers can discover the wonders of Turtle Back Zoo.”

Contact: Anne Martin

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About The S3 Agency

The S3 Agency (Boonton, NJ), known as “The New York Agency in New Jersey,” is an independently owned creative agency specializing in advertising, public relations, and social media. Founded by Advertising Hall of Famers Denise Blasevick and Adam Schnitzler, clients include BMW Motorcycles, Tetley Tea, and Turtle Back Zoo.

About Turtle Back Zoo

Turtle Back Zoo, New Jersey’s #1 Zoo and part of South Mountain Recreation Complex in West Orange, NJ, is AZA-accredited and features over 1,200 animals from around the world. Opened in 1963, Turtle Back Zoo is committed to providing an enriching recreation experience that fosters excellence in wildlife education and wildlife conservation for present and future generations.

About The Zoological Society of New Jersey

The Zoological Society of New Jersey, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation whose purpose is to promote the general welfare of Essex County Turtle Back Zoo; to stimulate the public’s interest in the growth, improvement, and development of the zoo through education and research with an emphasis on natural conservation of all species of animals; to support and sponsor fundraising events to help in the financing of new facilities, purchase of equipment, and acquisition of animals; to encourage membership in the Society by persons interested in the promotion of the physical and aesthetic qualities of the zoo; and to stimulate the public interest in the development and enjoyment of Essex County Turtle Back Zoo and of animals everywhere.