Sure-Fire Tips Allow Summer Cookouts to Take a Walk on the Wild Side

NEW YORK, NY (May 17, 2012)—Whether it’s spelled barbecue, BBQ or barbeque,
May’s designation as National Grilling Month is a great excuse to chuck the ground
chuck and celebrate grilling by your own rules. Pit masters across the country are lighting
a fire under ostrich, buffalo and elk alongside of traditional favorites. Other grill-worthy
options like duck breasts, lamb belly and beef heart means that summer barbecue season
is about to take a walk on the wild side.

To help barbecue fanatics embrace the adventurous spirit of flame broiling,
Graffigna®—Argentina’s pioneering winery— asked Brooklyn-based Meat Hook
butcher Sara Bigelow for pointers to help anyone grill like a pro. As a locavore butcher,
Bigelow prefers her meat be sourced locally. “Locally sourced meat improves the quality
of the animal’s life and the flavor of the meat. It also gives us a chance to visit our farms
start to finish and support local communities with our purchases.”

Bigelow also says that this year in particular, they have seen a real increase in customers
using the grill as a new cooking tool for tried and true recipes. “We’re continuing to
see people interested in expanding their taste buds outside of the usual fare,” she notes.
So it comes as no surprise what Bigelow considers her number one tip: challenge yourself
to try something new.

Whether it’s venison or ham steak, these suggestions from a woman passionate about
meat will help you in preparing your next culinary cook out.

Bigelow’s other sure-fire tricks of the trade:

Keep it simple
Remember that the higher the quality, the lower the maintenance. “There are so many
fantastic cuts of meat that are transformed on the grill, and the better quality the protein
is, the simpler the menu can be,” says Bigelow. “A great cut of meat needs little else but
salt, simple fresh greens, and a great bottle of red wine like Graffigna’s Centenario
Malbec 2010.”

The best barbecue meats respond well to hot, direct heat
Pork skirt steak, fresh ham steaks, pork sirloin chops and beef chuck flap steaks fall into
this category. Great vegetable options are onions, eggplant, portobello mushrooms or

Know your zones
Coal arrangement plays a vital role in the grilling process by creating various fire zones.
Two-zone direct (large coal mound on one side, smaller pile on the other), two-zone
indirect (all coal on one side), three-zone split (two equal piles on each side)—if the grill
was a freeway, charcoal would be the traffic cones. Each method creates a different end
result, so know your guests’ preferences before you assign flame districts.

Pre-heat for the best meat
Pre-heat the grill to ensure your meat obtains a fantastic sear, evenly cooked center and
crisp edge. Once you place your protein on the grill, don’t mess with it! Turning the meat
too frequently ruins caramelization, and cutting into it will waste the juices. Meat that has
been exposed to extreme heat needs to cool or “rest” a bit to maintain its rich juices.
Depending on the meat, you’ve got up to 15 minutes to sit back, share a toast and build
anticipation for the meal ahead.

# # # # # # #

A broad range of cuts are available for purchase at The Meat Hook. To order, please visit
the-meathook.com or call 718-349-5033. The Meat Hook is a full-service butcher shop in
Brooklyn, New York, dedicated to providing quality meat from locally raised animals.
The shop works with small farms in and around New York State, and the team prides
itself on sourcing whole animals from producers that create positive living conditions for
the animals.

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