A Jesuit Priest sets out to save his village from a Christian holocaust in this authentic historical novel

Hidden by the Leaves by S D L Curry is set in 17th century Japan and has been inspired by real historical events

In this epic story of good vs. evil, a small village defies an oppressive regime and finds freedom 
through the power of faith

Hidden by the Leaves, book one of S D L Curry’s ‘Hidden Trilogy’, follows Father Joaquim Martinez, a Jesuit Priest in Japan. Living in a small peasant village within the much larger Hizen-province, ruled by the cruel, self-serving Daimyo Matsukura Shigemasa, Father Joaquim and his two young catechists, Miguel and Tanya, risk their lives by defying the banishment order to stay and help the villagers who have become their family.

This compelling novel, enriched by S D L Curry’s knowledge of Medieval Japanese history, chronicles Father Joaquim’s and the villagers’ miracle-filled attempts to escape the clutches of the vicious shogun, the relentless daimyo, and their hordes of powerful samurai.

Key points

Published to coincide with the release of Martin Scorsese’s new blockbuster film Silence, based on the novel by Shusaku Endo and featuring Liam Neeson and Adam Driver.

Inspired by real history and real characters in history, including the Shogun of Japan and other members of his regime

Based on meticulous and varied research by the author, who is an expert in Medieval Japanese history

 Featured in The Bookseller

S D L Curry is a Canadian and British citizen. He has lived in Japan and is an expert in Medieval Japanese history. A substantial part of his research emanates from the Papal Archives in Rome, taking over ten years to complete. He has conducted research in the archives of the British Library in London, the Metropolitan Library of New York, and countless museums, churches, and places of interest throughout Japan. He has interviewed scholars and Jesuit Priests in Japan and globally to inform this, his debut novel. He is available for interview, and review copies of Hidden by the Leaves are available on request.

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