A true account of the experiences of British merchant seafarers and their passengers throughout WWI

Endorsed by Former Deputy Prime Minister Lord John Prescott, Merchant Seafaring Through World War One, by former Master Mariner Peter Lyon, is 'a meticulously researched and illuminating' book and a 'worthy tribute'

“I welcome this meticulously researched and illuminating book. It is a worthy tribute to the courage and resilience of those who braved the violence of the U- boat war at sea and who made such a positive contribution to the survival of the United Kingdom”

Lord John Prescott, Former Deputy Prime Minister

Peter Lyon begins this informative work of military history by looking at the low status of the mercantile marine and the seafarers at the turn of the 20th century. Particular emphasis is given to the relationships between the merchant seafarers, the shipowners, the British Admiralty and the Government, with the consequential heavy losses of British, Allied and neutral merchant ships at the hands of German U-boats. Following this, Peter looks at the strain this put on Britain and how this affected their continuation in the war. He has drawn on various experiences including individual accounts, crew agreements, consular reports, and press cuttings to create an authentic and fascinating insight read.

The catalyst for the book was Peter’s grandfather, Captain Henry Griffiths, who was at sea during both world wars. After finding some personal papers and photos, Peter set about to research his grandfather’s life.

Peter Lyon arrived in Liverpool from Bombay on the White Star troopship RMS Scythia. He was educated in Bombay, Liverpool, London and Southampton. He then began his seagoing career with Liverpool’s Blue Funnel Line, sailing as a qualified Master Mariner. Peter came ashore after thirteen years of seafaring. He then joined the River Department of the Port of London Authority before moving to the UK National Ports Council. Peter is currently available for interview, and review copies of Merchant Seafaring Through World War 1 are now available on request.

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