Michael Forester's world of Gaia comes to life

New Forest author Michael Forester shares his debut bardic fantasy written in Old English.

New Forest author Michael Forester started writing Dragonsong as a gift for a friend. “But then,” continues Michael, “the epic fantasy took over and would not let me stop. Three months later when it finally released my hands, there it stood, naked, gleaming and unique: an Arthurian Epic Fantasy in a formerly unknown meter and rhyme structure, with nothing comparable attempted since Tolkien abandoned The Fall of Arthur in 1934.”

Written in Old English throughout, Dragonsong tells the story of Rebekah, daughter of Merlin, who is driven to madness by the murder of her lover Vidar and bargains in her torment with the Prince of Demons to turn her into a dragon. Once transformed, she seeks to take revenge upon her father whom she is fooled into believing is responsible for Vidar’s death.

“The poetry has informally been described as beautiful, and exquisite even, and the plot as gripping and powerful,” adds the Winchester Writer’s Festival prize winner.

Copies of Michael's powerful book, Dragonsong, are available upon request from Matador. 

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