Mo Endfield tells all about her life as the wife of film director Cy Endfield

Former model Mo has rubbed shoulders with many celebrities, including Christian Dior, Terence Stamp, Jean Shrimpton, and Michael Caine, as we see in her star-studded memoir

Not everyone is catapulted from an isolated Yorkshire childhood into five years education at Roedean, followed by a career as a catwalk model including Dior in London and Paris, but Mo Endfield was. 

Her career as a model coincided with the arrival of an avalanche of Hollywood black-listed writers and directors fleeing from the McCarthy witch-hunt, all desperate to avoid the House Un-American Activities Committee – including Sam Wanamaker, Jack Berry, Joseph Losey, Carl Foreman and Cy Endfield. After a summer dalliance in the South of France with movie mogul Sam Spiegel – (then producing On The Waterfront), she allowed Cy Endfield to charm his way permanently into her life.

All was not love and laughter, however; Mo’s parents refused to attend their wedding at Caxton Hall, pronouncing Cy as ‘too old, divorced, Jewish and a Communist’, but Mo and Cy we were a partnership for 40 happy years. 

In her tell-all autobiography she speaks of her life, how they met and their life together, a story that features many celebrities – including Terence Stamp, Jean Shrimpton, and Michael Caine after the film success of ZULU (which was filmed in England, after Cy was blacklisted in the US).

“The book would be of interest to those interested in the history of the cinema, and it would be a welcome addition to the archives of organizations such as the BFI, the NFT, and so on.”
The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain

Mo Endfield, who currently lives in Hampstead, is available for interview. Review copies of The Film Director's Wife are available on request.

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