The Shibue® Strapless Panty Featured on Fab At Any Age:  Featuring Shibue® Couture Founder and Designer Jenny Buettner

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 9, 2013): Jenny Buettner, Founder of and designer for Shibue® Couture, teamed up with Fab At Any Age host Andrea Warshaw-Wernick to share the Shibue® Strapless Panty secret for fabulous women at any age! Through this collaboration, Shibue® Couture and Fab At Any Age are giving away free matching flower cover-ups when you purchase one Shibue® Strapless Panty through the Fabulous Forever Store.

Warshaw-Wernick interviews Buettner in “Say Goodbye to Panty Lines Forever," about the first and only strapless panty on the market- The Shibue® Strapless Panty. Buettner speaks of the event that lead her to create the undergarment that solves the panty line problem for good! The Shibue® Strapless comes in five sizes, extra small through extra large, and in three shades, nude, black, and mocha.

“We created The Shibue® Strapless Panty to fit every woman, in every way. The sizes and colors we chose are perfect for women of any size, any shape, and any skin tone. We also want to remind women of every age that Shibue® is also ageless!” said Buettner.

The video is up live on For a direct link to the video click HERE and don’t forget to purchase your Shibue® Strapless Panty through the Fabulous Forever Store to receive your free matching flower cover-ups. Visit to purchase these, and more Shibue® Couture products. Stay fabulous at any age with the Shibue® Strapless Panty and remember…They Didn’t Cross The Line, They Erased It!

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About Shibue® Couture: Shibue® Couture was created by designer Jenny Buettner a product line of solution-based products to cure undergarment needs, including a variety of discrete bra shapewear. Shibue® Couture’s most innovative product is the first and only strapless panty on the market. The reusable Shibue® Strapless Panty erases panty line worries for any outfit and any occasion. Their taglines are: “We Didn’t Cross The Line…We Erased It!” and “She Shoulda Shibued!”


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