Tokmanni Group Corporation: Notification of Manager’s Transactions

Tokmanni Group Corporation Stock exchange release   8 January 2018 at 9:00 (EET)

Person subject to the notification requirement

Name:                                     Rockers Tukku Oy

Position:                                 Closely associated legal person

Person discharging managerial responsibilities in issue

Name:                                    Saastamoinen Seppo Markku

Position:                                 Member of the Board


Notification Type:                       Initial Notification

Reference number:                    743700VMG6KWF0FW1560_20180105132857_2



Name:                                      Tokmanni Group Corporation

LEI:                                          743700VMG6KWF0FW1560


Transaction details

Transaction date:                     2017-31-12

Venue:                                     Outside trading venue

Nature of Transaction:             Redemption of pledge

Instrument type:                      Share

ISIN:                                        FI4000197934

Volume:                                  1,500,000

Unit price:                               0.00000

Volume:                                  1,420,000

Unit price:                               0.00000

Aggregated transactions

Volume:                                  2,920,000

Unit price:                               0.00000

For further information, please contact:

Joséphine Mickwitz, Head of IR and Communications Tel. +358 20 728 6535

Tokmanni in brief

Tokmanni is the largest general discount retailer in Finland measured by number of stores and revenue. In 2016, Tokmanni’s revenue was EUR 776 million and on average it had approximately 3,200 employees. Tokmanni is the only nationwide general discount retailer in Finland, with 162 stores across Finland as at 31 December 2016.


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