Transamerica presents “Retirement Redefined”

Innovative program breaks new ground in the client-advisor relationship

May 8, 2012 ­– DENVER – More than 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 each day, not knowing, amid an ever-changing landscape, what retirement challenges await. Now Transamerica has given financial professionals what they need to help their clients face these challenges.

“Retirement Redefined” is a comprehensive program that offers financial professionals the tools to address – in simple language – their clients’ biggest concerns. It centers on six topics – health care, inflation, taxes, working in retirement, market volatility and housing – that are foremost on Boomers’ minds. The program lets advisors expand their role of financial professional to one in which they can become trusted consultants who advise clients on all retirement concerns.

This innovative approach breaks new ground in the client-advisor relationship, which requires forward thinking to thrive in today’s economy. It is designed to help financial professionals to grow their business by providing knowledge clients seek as they map their futures.

“Retirement Redefined is a program that was built to educate advisors and their clients,” says Blake Bostwick, Vice President of Transamerica Resources, Inc. “Our goal is to help financial professionals position themselves as retirement specialists.”

“Retirement Redefined” gives financial professionals what they need to begin the necessary, and often difficult, retirement conversations their clients need to have.

Understanding builds trust. Trust builds great practices. 

The “Retirement Redefined” toolkit contains materials advisors can use in client meetings.  It includes:

  • Six Conversation Cards:
    These concern-specific cards help financial professionals ease client anxiety by providing tools they need to directly address their Baby Boomer clients’ biggest retirement needs.
  • Seminar Presentation:
    Built to help educate clients, this PowerPoint presentation addresses common concerns, and sparks further conversations.
  • Client Guide:
    This easy-to-read brochure serves as a takeaway reference for the program, which clients share with friends and family.
  • Workbook

Financial professionals can use this simple discovery tool to help their clients take the first steps towards a comprehensive retirement plan, while giving the advisor a better look at their clients’ overall financial picture.

The “Retirement Redefined” program is a necessary addition to a financial professional’s practice.  It gives non-product-specific guidance that allows the financial professional to ease Baby Boomers’ retirement anxiety and expertly address the thousands of potential clients who have the same concerns.

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