Advanced Battery Supplies- providing leisure batterys and tips to keep your RV safe

Advanced Battery Supplies, supplier of sealed leisure batteries/leisure batterys such as motorhome batteries, cheap caravan batteries and boat batterys brings you tips to keep your RV safe.

Advanced Battery Supplies, supplier of sealed leisure batteries such as motorhome batteries brings you top tips for keeping your RV safe and secure this year!

Break ins and the theft of caravans has steadily decreased over the years, which has been accredited to the increase in the number of available security measures- such as trackers and alarm systems.  To make sure your caravan doesn’t become a target here are out top tips on keeping your caravan safe and secure.

The first thing you will need to do is to take lots of photographs of your caravan, both inside and out.  You should also photograph all of the important documents relating to your caravan and keep these all together in a safe place.

Secondly, buy some approved security devices- to ensure that the security device you buy is approved it will need to carry the ‘SoldSecure’ logo. This is a non-profit organisation which was founded by the Master Locksmiths Association and the Police to test security products- their logo is a sign of high quality and reassurance.

There are also some simple security measures and precautions you can take whether you are staying in your caravan, or whether it is empty. One of the fundamental things is always locking your doors and windows when you leave the caravan, even if you will be nearby or only gone for a short time. If you are not using the caravan, you should also remove any of your belongings as to deter thieves from breaking in.

You should also do some research on the caravan park you plan to leave your caravan.  Police approved caravan parks are more secure than other caravan parks- but these may be more expensive. However, in non police approved caravan parks thieves have walked onto the premises and taken a caravan without being challenged.

Wheel clamps are an obvious deterrent to thieves as they work by immobilising your caravan.  You should ideally be looking for one which does not have visible locks, and that has thick radiating arms, so that they are not easily damaged by saws and drills.

Hitch locks stop thieves from being able to tow your RV away. Look for one which completely covers the hitch head and the security bolts, and some of the more sophisticated systems also come with alarms.

Anchors and posts are used while you are not staying in your caravan, and prevent your caravan from being moved by thieves.  These types of security posts are secured by concrete into the ground either by an A-Frame, the body or in some cases both.

There are also some electronic security devices available, such as tracers and alarms. However, these have a high power consumption which can pose a problem if they are going to be left on for extended periods of time.  An important point to remember is to always check the source of your power; many caravan devices have specific life long batteries which have been designed to solve this problem.


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