Free annual servicing of your materials handling equipment

If you have a mezz floor you’ll need the right materials handling equipment and lifting solutions.  Advanced Handling has a wide range of these including scissor lifts and scissor tables.       

Advanced Handling is currently offering a free annual service to all customers who buy any of their materials handling equipment. This ensures your lifting solutions are running as safely and efficiently as possible- helping your staff to stay safe, and your business to stay profitable.

With many companies looking to cut their expenses as much as possible in the wake of the economic downturn, utilising what storage space is available is one way of doing so. For many businesses who want to offer their customers competitive prices, there is a need to buy stock in bulk. However, to ensure maximum profits companies do not want to have to rent extra storage space as a result.  

One solution to this problem is by building a mezzanine floor in your warehouse, which is what many retailers have recently chosen to do.  This creates additional space in which to store stock, allowing retailers to still make a profit yet slash their prices.  It also has an additional benefit of allowing you to provide your customers a wider range of products- giving you the edge over your competition.

However, moving stock between the mezzanine floor and the floor of the warehouse is a risky process without the right materials handling equipment.  Considering what type of lifting solutions you will need to purchase is essential if you are thinking about planning and building this type of development in your own warehouse or stock room.  And once you have installed a mezzanine lift it will also need maintenance and servicing at regular intervals too.

Advanced Handling currently offer a free annual service on any product such as a scissor lift, scissor table or any of their other lifting solutions; providing you with peace of mind- so that’s one less thing you need to worry about!

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About us:  Advanced Handling specialise in scissor lift design and make mobile scissor lifts, scissor tables, materials handling equipment as well as other various lifting solutions.  There are also knowledgeable on manual handling legislation, health and safety at work and LOLER.  

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